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Blind Fate (Semi-Closed)


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(( If you are interested in getting involved in this, please let me know, just be aware that most of the RP will likely be on Skype/Forums ))



Evangeline steps off the boat, thankful when her feet his the solid ground of the Aleport docks. Her leg twinges painfully when she does so, a souvenir of her latest “adventure” and she winces as she heads towards the small bar nestled in the dockside. She’d left her best sword in the care of Klynzahr’s family, the Roegadyn who was sometimes more and sometimes less than Evangeline’s lover. Though the family kept a smithy in the Moraby Drydocks, a letter had come asking her to retrieve her sword from “The Lass in Aleport”. She pushes the heavy oaken door inward, it does not give easily, the frame heavily weatherproofed to keep out rogue waves. Her eyes take a moment to adjust to the light, and then she sees a familiar face.



Klynzahr is seated at the near table, apparently splitting a bottle with a skeletal old highlander. Unlike most of the time, the massive green Seawolf doesn’t look out of place, the furniture of the bar seeming to be built for a Roegadyn’s size. As Evangline approaches the aged man turns his head, but Klynzahr doesn't move until Eva's voice brings her head up with a start.



Evangeline smiles, holding up the letter,  "Are you the lass in aleport?" She laughs, seeing the woman’s reaction. "Hey Klyn...It's been a while..." Evangeline's leathers are slightly burnt and scuffed in places, and there are a few rusty patches where dried blood hasn’t been completely scrubbed away. "Mind If I join you?"



Klynzahr stares intently at the wall behind Eva. However the old drunk gives her a serious look over, before placing a claw on the Roe's forearm. "Reckon this be ye knife-ear..... I'll leave ye two be."



Evangeline laughs softly, giving a nod of thanks to the man before sliding into the chair besides Klyn, "That shocked to see me?" She kids, "You could at least say hello..."



Klynzahr continues staring at the final point where Eva had stood. "No lass," She says quickly "Been worried fer ye, Sit please."



Evangeline smiles, “Already did.” and gestures to the bottle, "Got a glass of that for me? Why don't we relax before we talk business. Though seems like you’ve already had a few."



Klynzahr's drunken friend gives a quick nod "May want ter have 'at armour seen ter." He slurrs before heading to the makeshift bar. Klyn hails the barmade for another glass, before adding quickly. "Course ifin ye want sommat milder." The seawolf winks, grinning for the first time. "Spose I could be arangin' some tea."



"I'll manage... it won't be the first time I've have that rotgut you favor." She grins back, "Tea? There better be scones as well?  I don't even see any doilies on this table. For shame.” She tut tuts at Klyn, “I always knew you sea wolves were barbarians."



Klynzahr flicks a worn handkerchief from her sleeve and spreads it on the table between them. "A doily fer th'fine lady." She chuckles before making a vague gesture towards the table, which contains a half empty bottle of half decent ale, two cups and a jar of pickled herring, all sitting next to the 'doily'. "Will ye do th'honors?"



Evangeline laughs, "As a humble guest it would be my honour to serve the Mistress of the house." She stands and fills both cups withe ale, bowing slightly as she slides one to Klyn. Then she sits down grinning, "Perhaps you'd do the pleasure of a toast?"



Klynzahr keeps her outstretched  hand still until the cup is settled inside of it. Lifting the ale, she ponders for a moment, then flashes Eva a smile. "To th'people."



"And to us." the Elezen clinks her glass against the Roe's and then swallows the ale in a single pull.



Klynzahr downs her own glass smartly and returns it to the table, before leaning in closer to Eva. "Aye, an ter us." She adds with restrained worry, "How have ye been lass?"



Evangeline gives a canned smile, "I've been... things have been well." She moves to refill their glasses, "I just returned from Ishgard, needed to work with Mart on a few items." She recaps the bottle, "Long story short, you may have been right about our favorite Inquisitor."



Klynzahr bites uneasily at her lower lip. "Mol." She mutters, "Didna reckon on trouble from her." Her blue eyes have an oddly vacant look, as though she were simply staring through Evangeline. Their gaze shifts briefly around, accompanied by a frown of concentration before settling onto the distance again. "What o'that Xel bastard? He been lettin' ye alone?"



"He has been." She mutters, sipping her second glass of ale, "I've decided that I'll have nothing more to do with him. He begged me to come back... but I've learned my lesson." She smiles wryly, "Would that I had learned it a little earlier. Though I have to ask... where are your glasses?"



Klynzahr 's face twitches into a slight frown. Then she draws the latest pair of spectacles from her coin purse. They are Sasazi's old pair, gaudy pink, with lenses as thick as grog bottles. Klyn sets them on the table and slides them towards Eva. "Reckon there be some things a lass needs ter learn th'hard way."



"I agree on the learning but..." She looks down at the glasses then back up at Klyn, The spectacles are clean and unbroken for once. "Why aren't you wearing them? Headache?" "It's hard for me to pour out this tale of woe with you nodding at the plant behind me."



Klynzahr 's forehead pinches into a frown, as she leans closer to Eva. One large hand slides over the table and feels around until it encounters Eva's elbow. Klyn's eyes lower in thought, while her fingers toy with the Elezen's sleeve. Her eyes lift again, with the same worried gaze but words appear to fail her.

Evangeline laughs at first, but then quickly grows frightened. She stands, her chair clattering to the ground behind her, "Klyn..? What... what happened? Klyn?" She pushes forward, waving her hand in front of the Roe's face, tears welling in her eyes, "Please... don't tell me..."



Klynzahr 's fingers tighten sharply around Eva's arm, as her sudden movement pulls the Roe off balance. There is no anticipation from Klyn as she is dragged around, body haplessly following the direction of her arm. Steadying herself on the table, she stares blindly at the Elezen's stomach. "Lass, Calm yerself. Ye'll stirr up half th'port at this rate!"



Evangeline bites her lip, her face creased with worry as she slowly, delicately hooks a pair of fingers under the Roe's chin, tilting her face up so their eyes meet. "Klyn..." Evangeline says softly, her voice shaking, "I'm up here..."



Klynzahr allows her death grip on Eva's arm to relax, rugged fingers beginning to locate the scorches and dried blood. Her eyes look no different but their gaze remains blank. "Eva Lass, " She begins helplessly, "I didna know how ter tell..... are ye cryin' lass?"



Evangeline begins crying in earnest now, wrapping her hand around Klyn's larger one and bringing it up to her cheek. A few warm tears trickle onto the larger woman's rough hand, "Why didn't you tell me?" She chokes out between sobs, "I could have helped, I could have done something. What happened? Klyn... what happened to your sight?"





((Part 2 Follows))

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Klynzahr 's hand wraps gently over Eva's cheek, thumb gently sweeping the tears aside. "Been comin' a long time really." She admits heavily, "Oughter o' taken more care I 'spect.... jus' thought I could get another ten years out o'em old peepers." Her voice is stubbornly calm, although her useless eyes have begun to well up. The left one spills over quickly, while the right one remains vaguely fixed on Eva.



Evangeline doesn't say anything, instead she leans down and wraps her arms around the Roe's thick neck, sobbing into the woman's shoulder.



Klynzahr slides her sturdy arms around Eva's back, drawing her close. "S'all right lass.... there be worse things ken happen ter a body." The joviality in her voice has a grating, canned quality. "S'no like me eyes were good fer anythin' ter begin with."



The Elezen pulls back slightly, her violet eyes peering into Klyns as if she could somehow identify the problem, "Have you seen doctors? Healers? There has to be something that can be done!"



Klynzahr shakes her head slightly, keeping a gentle but persistant hold on Eva's arms. "Only th'alchemist by th'drydocks.... an' he were puzzled as meself. They've been damaged a few times... snowblindness... explosions an th'like.... an it took no genious ter see they were goin' downhill. This were different though.... came on sudden-like. Started midmornin' on th'water an' th'world had gone dark by nightfall."



"The Alchemist by the drydocks." She curses, "Klyn... listen to me. I have connections, I'm going to find a treatment for you. If I have to search all of Eorzea." Her voice sounds desperate and her hands grip at the roe's shoulders, squeezing like claws, "Do you hear me?"



Klynzahr 's face twitches in surprise at the small woman's harsh grip. Then she slides her own hands to Eva's wrists, attempting to gently pry the claws out. "Aye," The humor is half hearted, but does bring a small smile to her tanned face. "I be blind, not deaf lass."



"I know you aren’t..." The casual way of referring to her condition seems to snap something in Eva and she yells, turning and punching her fist into the wall, "FUCKING HELLS." She shouts, "Why did I just let this sit? WHY? WHY DIDN'T I NOTICE?!" She punches the wall again.



Klynzahr fumbles after Eva, nearly losing her seat before she finally allows her to go. "Because it were none o'yer bloody business." She snaps back, "I never asked yer ter find me any bloody help."



"OF COURSE NOT." She shakes her fist, droplets of blood flicking to the ground, "You never would... that's why it was my job to keep an eye on you." Her tone tones from anger to grief. "I was the only one who could have..."



Klynzahr gets stubbornly to her feet, and carefully crosses the floor to Eva. Her left arm wraps supportively around Eva's back, while her right hand fumbles around in an attempt to catch the flying fist. "No Eva. It was no' yer job!" She returns with a firey expression. "I never wanted ye takin responsibility fer me eyes, or mollycoddlin' me over em..." Her voice lowers. "S'why I never told ye..."



Evangeline turns with a growl, Klyn's fist holding her wrist like a manacle. After a moment she seems to deflate, "I could have helped you Klyn... I know people, doctors, scientists... healers…  You... gods Klyn, are you satisfied with that? Never read another book? See another sunset? Aren't you mad?" She shakes her head, wet cheeks glistening, "Aren't you upset?"



Klynzahr presses Eva tightly against her chest, looking down at her with wet cheeks and a stoic glare. "I knew it were comin' Eva." She replies harshly, "Traveled inter the shroud, while I were helpin' out Leanne. Conjuror friend o'hers said me eyes had twelve years left in 'em at best."



"The fuck do they know!?" Evangeline spits out, her fist pounding on the Roe's chest, "What do those damned fool Elemental slaves know? And that was it? You just listened to them?!"



Klynzahr 's voice raises, cracking just slightly. "It were goin' ter come sooner or later.... may as well get th'fucker over with!" Klyn's arms tremble slightly as she bitterly spits out the words.



"NO." Evangeline roars back, her face streaked with tears, "I'm not just going to let you GIVE UP KLYN. You’ll read another book Klyn... I'm not... I'm not going to accept this." Her shout rings out in the bar, "I WON'T."



Klynzahr draws in a deep breath, slumps brokenly against Eva. Her left hand slides up to the back of Eva's head and presses the elezen's face gently against her shoulder to muffle the shouts with fabric.



Evangeline leans into the Roe, shouting strange muffled cries as her fist continues to pound weakly.



She holds her firmly allowing her to continue thumping at the well padded ribs. She heaves one shuddering sob, than a second.



Evangeline stops a few minutes later, her cries fading off, then looks up, sniffling, "Klyn. Klyn..." Her hand cups the Roe's cheek, "Just say the word. Let me know you want my help, and I'll be here, as long as it takes. Whatever I have to find, whoever I have to ask, however much I have to pay, I'll help you." Her voice is pleading, "Just say the word."



"Don't just accept this."






Klynzahr releases Eva's hair, patting it carefully back into place. She continues to cry, with heavy broken sobs unlike anything that Eva would ever have seen from her. "L-lass..." She stammers at last. "I think.... I-I-I need help to.... find th'table  'gain."



Evangeline cradles the Roe, muscles straining as she tries to help the woman down to her knees, "Shh..." She is crying as well, and wraps a protective arm around the Roe's neck, cradling her head to the Elezen's chest, "Shhh.... it's ok… Let it out... you're safe..." She murmurs.



Klynzahr lets herself slide down, hands finding the floor again and searching until she locates the wall again. She huddles over Eva for several minutes as the sobs continue to pour out. Eventually her gasps even out, leaving her hovering silently over Eva.



Klynzahr: "Lass..." Klyn actually whispers. "Ye've been burnt... an' yer covered in blood."



"It's ok..." Evangeline says soothingly in between sniffles, "We can beat this, we can beat this... let it out." She continues to hug the Roe to her, reaching up a hand to stroke the woman's hair. She pauses, "Ah... just the garment, and it's not mine, mostly." She rubs her nose with a messy sleeve, "Marti, V'aleera and I were breaking into a warded library. The guardians didn't take well to it. I'm fine though. I'm fine..." She reassures the Roe, "Just my clothing."



Klynzahr pulls herself upright again, blinking miserably down at Eva. "Ye certain, lass?"



Evangeline nods, "It was close... for part of it. But Marti took some of the blow." She pats the Roe's cheek, smiling through a puffy tear stained face, "I'm fine... Ok? I'm not the one we should be worried about."



"Aye," Klyn mumbles weakly, "We clearly oughter be worried fer Marti."



Evangeline blinks then laughs, wiping her face once again on a damp sleeve, "Yes... he's fine as well. He's more than just a pretty face."



Klynzahr reaches for her handkerchief, only to find it missing. "Really, now? I allus thought his nose were a little odd-lookin'." She offers with a hiccup for a laugh.



Evangeline offers Klyn her sleeve, very romantic. "It's his nose." She reaches up and taps Klyn's oft broken one, "Unlike most Roes, it's actually straight."



Klynzahr dabs her eyes gently with her sleave. "Reckon we canna trust yer taste in noses then." She points out, before drawing her shoulders back. "Really though, I'm goin' ter be fine."



"Klyn." Evangeline clutches onto the Roe, "Let me help you." She begs, "Please, you're a fighter. Don't just give up..."



Klynzahr pauses for a moment, tilting her head to the left. Then she slips a hand under Eva's chin, drawing their faces closer together.



Evangeline leans in, "Please..." She says softly.


Klynzahr leans in until the corner of her right eye is two ilms from Eva's face. The tiniest smile twitches over her lips. "Lass, if ye could give me back jus' one day o'sight, I'd be in yer debt fer a lifetime." She finally says, releasing Eva's chin with a touch of reluctance.

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Evangeline bites her lip and nods, choking back a sob, "I'll figure something out, however long it takes. Until then... I can visit, read to you... talk..." She stammers over her words, before beginning to cry again "Oh gods klyn your eyes."


Klynzahr blinks those eyes a few times and returns to stroking Eva's hair in a gentle rythm. "I'd like 'at...." She says hoarsely, "I"ve missed readin' somethin' dreadful, an' Merl doesna have th'patience fer anythin' but battle tales."


The Elezen wipes away at her face, "I'll find some new political books, you always liked those. Maybe even reread Wealth and the Publick Governance." She wraps her arms around the Roe, "Klyn it might take me a while, but we'll figure this out, I don't care if I have to find a garlean and beat them until Magitech eyes pop out."


Klynzahr winces theatrically and a few stray tears spill over. " Now that be soundin' painful fer all involved... you, me, an th'dammed garlean. Mayhap ye oughter jus' snitch a pair o'voidsent eyes from Xel's collection." She suggests jokingly.


Evangeline laughs and wipes her face, "Or maybe I can summon the primal of eyes."


Klynzahr flops back against the wall, still wiping aside the occational tear. "At this rate I'll not need a blade again.... I'm like ter have eyes that devour worlds with ye in charge. Oh fook, that reminds me!"


Evangeline smiles and leans against the Roe, "Hopefully you devour only words, and in books."


"I brought yer new chainmail an' blade. Had 'em tucked under me chair..." She looks around and, taking a random guess, points across the room. There is a wrapped blade and small package under the Roe's old chair.


Evangeline wraps her hands around one of Klyn's larger ones, "I see it... I'll get it on the way out. I've got to do some research, I need to find out what I can... but first." Evangeline leans up to kiss the Roe's cheek, "You're not in this alone Klyn... we're going to get through it."


Klynzahr smiles weakly as she squeezes the smaller hands. "It means a lot lass.... jus' havin ye by now an' then ter talk ter an' such, I mean." She brushes aside a few stray tears.


Evangeline nods, "I'll be there..." She smiles, "I might even get to finally meet all of that giant family of yours. Can you make it back to moraby bay?"


Klynzahr chuckles softly, "Aye, James sees me here an' back..... wonder where he's gotten ter." The frail old highlander has actually returned to his seat at the table, and is regarding the couple with a pair of solemn, yellowed eyes.


Evangeline exhales, "Ok Klyn... do me a favor then." She fishes into a pouch and pulls out a pair of glasses with dark tinted lenses. "I use these when I set off pyrotechnics. I'll bring you a proper pair later, but wear these for now." She presses them into the Roes eyes, "Your eyes can't even begin to heal if you're still squinting and straining what little life they have left out of them."


Klynzahr feels the shape of the glasses, with obvious confusion. "Eva," She says gently, "I do think this be gone a might too far fer glasses."


Evangeline laughs, "They're tinted. Even if you can't see you can still make them worse. Staring into the sun is a good way to ruin them completely, as is straining them." She leans in, inches away from what she suspects is Klyn's good eye, 'Unless I'm mistaken you've got an ilm of sight left. You need to take care of it, that's what the glasses are for." She frowns, her breath on Klyn's face, "Promise me..."


Klynzahr 's eyes shift to the right, placing Eva's face at the edge of her peripheral (can't spell it) vision. "I promise, lass." She replies, adding with a smile "Ye allus did look fetchin with dark hair."


Evangeline slips the glasses onto Klyn's broken nose. Fortunately they have hooked earpieces, meant to stay in place during a blast, "I'll keep it then." She smiles, "Now I have some reading to do, be good ok?"


Klynzahr gingerly tucks Eva's hair behind her ear, before pulling back reluctantly. "There's hardly any trouble I could get up ter lass." She points out, "I canna even find th'shop door mos' days."


"Oh... you underestimate yourself." She hesitates, then leans in and brushes her lips against the Roe’s, She lingers there for a moment, resting her forehead against Klyns, "You always were a troublemaker Klyn. I'll be back in a week or so."


Klynzahr responds gently to the kiss, closing her eyes happily behind the dark glasses. "I'll be countin' on that lass. Take care, be well, an' fer the sake o'the twelve's bloody shite.... donna blow yerself up, Aye?" She finishes on a grin.


Evangeline grins back and pats her cheek, "If I do I'll make sure I leave you my eyes. You'd look good with violet." She stands and offers the Roe a hand, "I'll get you back to the table, but don't pull all at once."


Klynzahr looks up at Eva's forehead in a puzzled fashion, completely missing the hand. "Donna pull?" She asks before scrambling up on her own.


Evangeline barks out a laugh before finding the Roe's hand, and guiding her towards the table, "Never mind..."


Klynzahr follows Eva cautiously with her free hand outstretched. She halts next to Eva and stands unmoving, while the old highlander hobbles over to meet them.


Evangeline bows to him, "James... I presume? I'm Evangeline. Thank you for looking after my friend."


The old man knuckles his forehead with a trembling hand. "Naw," He replies with a toothless grin "She's family."


Klynzahr's hand squeezes Eva's gently. "I meant what I said lass... really... be careful out there." She pleads quietly.


"Thank you all the same." She nods at Klyn, "I will be, I promise you. We'll get through this." She tries to sound confident, "I'll find you in Moraby bay."


Klynzahr releases Eva's hand, with a stoic nod. "Donna ferget yer armour... it were th'first piece Da worked on after surgery. I'll be waitin' lass.... no doubt o'that."


Evangeline scoops it up, holding the bundles under her arm, "I'll wear it with pride." She lingers for a moment, not wanting to leave. "I... I'll... keep in touch." She stammers, walking out the door.

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