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[News] Murder in Outer La Noscea

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[align=center]Murder in Outer La Noscea[/align]


     Early this morning, two bodies were discovered with signs of a struggle. The Yellow Jackets were on the scene when reporters arrived and we were able to get several details about the victims.


     It appears that the first victim was a Hyur Trader who was transporting several goods such as spices and herbs. The other victim was an Au Ra woman who was guarding him. Sources say that the Au Ra woman was tortured after being defeated before being executed. This leads this reporter to believe that the Au Ra woman was the target of the attack. Several stab and slashing marks cover the bodies and it is suspected that the weapon used may be a sword or daggers.


     We urge those who are traveling to be wary. If you have any information in regards to this crime, please contact the Yellow Jackets as soon as possible. Information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator, it will be rewarded.

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