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Actors needed for Video

Lilira Lira

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Hi there folks, I wasn't sure where to put this.. So seeing as it's art related I'm going to throw it in here! *woo*


I'm beginning my next video project and am looking for willing actors! Although I don't like to divulge too much info about the project until It's complete, I will share my ideas with those who private message me! What I'm requiring are the following!


Lala#1 (male or female)

Lala#2 (male or female)

Lala#3 (male or female)

Lala#4 (male or female)

Lala#5 (male or female)

Lala#6 (male or female)

Lead Lala (male only)

Lead Lala (female only)- Myself


I'll be crossing off the list as the positions get filled!


As you can probably tell, It's kinda a very specific casting! Thats due to the fact that the script requires "Troll-like" characters, so someone very short etc, so Lala's fit the bill! If you are another race however and still looking to get involved or even just help out with shots/ideas/watch the shooting. Then still contact me! You can contact me with further questions at:


In-game: Ririla Rila (Balmung)

skype: Liliro.liro

Private message on here

or in this thread


P.s: All roles must be required to do the following: Dye/ change their hair, face, makeup, etc! I will also be giving each actor a budget to buy the needed costumes. (100k each)


P.s.s: if you do wish to be a part of this project, please understand that your patience is required. I don't want this rushed, nor do I want to get sub-par shots due to people needing to afk or raid etc ^.^ Just be willing to donate some of your precious time! <3

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