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Hello everyone! I have just joined this forum an I hope I can prove to be an interesting, cordial, and fun addition to this website.


My name is Misharu, obviously. I joined this forum because I was wanting to connect with the roleplay community as a whole, even outside of my main server, and see what connections I might be able to form! There's a couple things I wish to do with my main RP character, and I am hoping some users here may be able to help me out! Or if nothing else, I can have some fun RP here.


I suppose I should include some things about myself. My main server is Gilgamesh (unfortunately due to any lack of luck in making it onto Balmung, and lacking the justification of a server transfer), though I also have a character on Faerie and a friend of mine and I are planning on trying to start up an RP free company there. My main character is 'Mason Clark', a level 54 hyuran midlander scholar from Limsa Lominsa. I am bilingual in both English and Japanese, so I can provide bilingual translation skills if necessary. I have only been playing for close to two months now but I have already fallen in love with the game.


If you have any questions, just feel free to PM me! I am always happy to talk with others and I look forward to meeting the other members of this forum!

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