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The Awakening [character oragin story pt 1]

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The Awakening

The sun was at its highest when the young dark haired miqo'te opened his eyes, blinking against the bright light of the afternoon he took in his bleak surroundings. Nothing but golden sand and shifting dunes as far as the eye could see in all directions.

But it was not this ominous vision that gave him reason to panic. Looking down at his hands a sense of dread washed over him and although the sun was beating down with intense ferocity he felt a cold like ice grip him to his core.

He looked in horror at his nakedness, where tanned Sagolii skin should have been he was now wreathed in black fire. He felt his stomach not and he gasped expecting a searing agony… but none came, he felt cool, the dark flames emanating from him did not burn nor scorch his skin. As he watched now enchanted by the myriad of dancing blacks, purples and midnight blues that now engulfed him from his neck down, it started to reseed starting from his fingertips down the length of his arms finally coming to a head in the centre of his chest where it flickered for a moment then disappeared leaving a strange brand etched in to his chest.

Suddenly an immense pain erupted in his head and he fell once more to his knees clutching his brow now wet with swett. In the midst of writhing pain he felt something else, it started as an itch as though something was scratching at him just outside his sensory awareness and as he concentrated on it more and more trying his hardest to block out the torrent of pain which threatened to overcome him the filing shifted. It started as a whisper in the depths of his mind “S…ssooo ssooorr…SORA OF THE AZURE BLADE” the voice thundered to life shaking his skull “…OF THE AZURE BLADE NO MORE” the voice continued booming in his head to the point that the young miqo'te had forgotten the searing pain which once was.

He tried everything to escape that voice in that moment but all he could do was curl up in the baking sand and try to weather the onslaught in his mind “No more of the Azure” the voice continued “ You are reborn…….speak my name” the voice commanded, for a moment the miqo'te was stunned “Name?” He questioned in his mind, and then just as the itching had been it swelled in his subconscious and his lips uttered the words “Zasalamel” and the miqo'te blacked out once more.

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