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The Bloodworks


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[align=center]"Us gloryseekers gotta stick together, eh?"

From the fabled, living legends of today, and the fledgling fighters of tomorrow, the Bloodworks is a network of people who fight, or want to fight, on the Bloodsands. All weapons, all disciplines are welcome, as long as they're capable of ending up the last one standing. Are you looking for an ally within the arena? Are you looking for a mentor to teach you the finer points of disemboweling your opponent while the crowd cheers you on? Hell, maybe if you've got a few tales of valor in the arena yourself and you want to brag? The Bloodworks is the place for you. C'mon in, friend.

The Bloodworks is an OOC LS for the organization of good Bloodsands gladiator roleplay! Newcomers are welcome to join us. While we don't require that you know everything about the Bloodsands (In fact, I'd be more than happy to tell you what there is to know!),  we do require a bit of knowledge on how to roleplay and write well.



Pretty much all you have to do is be active and follow the rules. Message the following for an invite to the LS.



U'roh Tia

Miata Luna


Alternatively, forum messaging me is fine as well.




1: If you generally act like an ass, I'm going to slam dunk you into next week. SERIOUSLY, be excellent to one another. Slurs, bigotry, and hatred aren't cool. We all slip up and say something we regret, but don't make a habit out of it.


2: If you have a serious issue with someone in the LS, even if you're not in it yourself, bring it up to me personally. Proof is always a plus when accusations are exceptionally dire.


3: This is an IC organization, but this is an OOC linkshell for coordination.


We have a Discord now! Please, message me if this link expires.


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Added a few bits of text here and there, and made the rules list much more concise.


Also, we're up to 7 members, woo!


Remember, if you're interested, message Mika Nel in game!

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