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Now, being in Australia I can tell you that staying up long enough to do anything on a server like Balmung or Gilgamesh takes its toll. We also have latency issues with NA servers, so for us it's Tonberry or bust. What's even harder is finding roleplayers on Tonberry, but don't fear, Tonberry Roleplayers is here.


No really, we've been here a good half a year now.


We're looking to expand our horizons and bring in RPers all over Tonberry, even if you've only done one off RP or are unsure about it. We can and will help you along learning.

We keep our character bios on Trello, and we're actively helping out people with writing up their backstories and working out the complications. We also have a Discord server to keep in contact in and outside of FFXIV. (And for linking and general shitposting.)


To join, search out one of the following characters and send a tell, or post here and we'll come to you. 


Clara Necris

Akard Necris

Akagan Malaguld

Lux Concordiae

Ulavan Mol

White Rabbit

Keiga Dawnstar


Hope to see you soon, remember, most of us don't bite.

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I recently started playing and I would love to get more involved with the RP Community and know more about the FFXIV Lore. I'm coming from being a long-long-time Heavy RP'er on WoW.

I'm currently on a trial account so it won't let me send tells myself but it does let me join Linkshells. My character name on Tonberry is Vehloh Felke :thumbsup:

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