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Blacktalon Vanguard

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[align=center]Hello all! If you're currently seeking a free company to call home, and don't mind dealing with the odd, unique, and downright strange, than you've found the right place. Blacktalon Vanguard is a mercenary RP FC, focused on its own plot, while having fun with both RP and experiencing the games PvE content. Build your characters story through RP while experiencing friendship, and rivalry, good time and bad, all the while living the life as a mercenary in the world of Eorzea.



[align=center]We welcome all kinds into our ranks! If you're more combat oriented, we've got places for you to be. If you happen to be on the more administrative, crafting, or even the supplying side of things, never fear! We offer a wide range of things for your characters to do and be a part of! Mercenaries aren't without their own needs and wants, and that's where you, the supplier, the crafter, or the administrator come into play! There's more to running a good business then just swinging a sword, so come and speak to any of our officers today![/align]

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