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An Ul'dahn Dawn


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This story/RP is a work in progress, and I will be adding more to it as time goes by. After one or two more posts I plan on opening the thread for open RP! Please enjoy and offer any feedback you may have! Thanks!

It was another arid morning, as per usual in the City-State of Ul'dah. Cole stretched and audibly yawned, rolling out of his bed. The sun wasn't up yet, given another bell or two though, it would be, along with everyone else who called the city home. He picked his old black cloak up off the floor and draped it over his shoulders.


He made his way to the dining area in his small home, grabbing a piece of dried meat from the table before making his way out the door. He knew he had to move quick to get to the predetermined meeting point on time. He started his journey through the uncharacteristically dead streets with relative ease. As he rounded the second to last corner, he happened to notice a guard walking in his direction, lantern held high.


âHey! Is someone there! State your business being out at such an hour!â the Midlander Guard shouted, making his way toward where Cole now stood.


Cole quickly took in his surroundings, debating if there was anywhere he could run to escape the guard, but found no viable options. âWell y-you see sir, I was umm I was having a uh a hard time s-sleeping and-â Cole was interrupted as the guard suddenly collapsed. As the lantern he was holding fell to the ground, it rolled to its side and it cast its light upwards, illuminating a very imposing figure now holding the unconscious guard up by the collar of his uniform, his other hand still clenched in a fist. âWell I guess that works too. Nice to be seeing you, friend!â


âOi, I was startin' to get worried you wouldn't show tonight Cole,â The Hellsguard said, a slight annoyance obvious in the tone of his voice âYer damned lucky I 'eard this one hollerin' at'cha and decided it were worth my time to investigate.â he said, nodding his head to the side at the now out of commission guard as he lowered the body to the ground.


âI would have been fine, Fyrbren.â Cole said, matter-of-factly to his companion, âBut, you know I always appreciate the backup.â he added, picking the lantern up off the ground and snuffing its light.


âDon't you go gettin' all buddy-buddy with me boy, you wouldn't want to see me gettin' all teary-eyed now.â Fyrbren replied as the two friends started walking to the meeting area. âOh and Cole...â


âHmm? What now?â


âYe'r a terrible, terrible liar.â Fyrbren chided, a smirk crossing his face.


âI know.â Cole noted, hanging his head in mock shame.


As they approached an unmarked door on the main market stretch, Fyrbren turned to Cole and urged âStay silent while the guildmaster speaks, I won't be able-or willing for that matter-to save yer sorreh hide like I did back there. I know how you k'in be very opinionated at times. Don't let this be one'a them times Cole.â Putting emphasis on the word opinionated.


âI won't promise anything, but I'll try my bestâ Cole nodded, âlets just go in, shall we?â


âUgh... you'll be the death of me yet boy. You're certainly your fathers son though.â Fyrbren said, offering Cole the complement.


âThanks Fyrbren, your saying that means a lot. Doesn't mean I'm going to promise to behave myself though.â Cole grinned, as he walked through the door, and into the start of another grand adventure.

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