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A Masquerade Ball [Flyer & Word of mouth]

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Attractively decorated fliers of blue and gold are handed out in all the city-states and large notices can be seen in the major areas of town.



Citizens of Eorzea,


Ishgard would like to welcome you to its first ever Masquerade Ball in honor of our city-states uniting under a common banner: the bonds of brotherhood, forged to aid one another during times of duress that threaten the safety of all Eorzea. Celebrate with us in an evening of music, merriment, and drink.



Dress:        Formal attire, with mask

Date:         18th of March, Friday

Time:         23.00 GMT (6pm EST)

Place:        Lavender Beds Ward 5, Plot 58. Harbinger's of Dawn Estate



A collection of gil will be taken in celebration and donated to support the troops and forces of the Grand Companies.


This event was made possible by the funding of S.D.




OOC: Link to the event can also be found here.

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