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New to FF and eager to make friends!

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Hi there!  How's it going?  Like the title says, I'm new to Final Fantasy--not just XIV, but the whole franchise itself--and I'm here to make friends and enjoy some lovely RP.  A little about myself: I've played a lot of MMOs, and I currently play WoW.  I was roped into FFXIV by a couple of friends and so far its been fun, and with the content lull in WoW lately I've been happy to have something to do to pass the time while my guild sleeps.  I've been role playing for well over a decade now, but I didn't get good at it until roughly five or so years ago.  We all fumble as we learn, I'm just glad I had a fantastic mentor to really inspire me to improve my writing abilities.


Right now I'm focusing on the one character I have on Balmung, Cosse, who is a former pirate from Unnamed Island #7 To The Cardinal Direction who went straight like so many others with the change in management in Limsa Lominsa.  She's inspired by an old character I play, but given the facial options I decided to give a more youthful take on the character a spin, and so far it's been a blast to imagine things in my head--I just need the opportunity to start writing them out in RP!  She's working towards Summoner and needs plenty of reasons to get out there and make her fame and fortune.


I enjoy heavy RP, I like a lot of IC interaction.  I tend to steer clear of the bar scene, at least as far as the majority of my RP goes.  When it comes to crowds I like to avoid them as well, just because it can be difficult to keep track of all the conversations going on at once.  To sound like a broken record I'm eager to make new friends, and maybe even a mentor or meet some helpful vets who wouldn't mind taking me under their wing.  I'm open to OOC chatter in-game and out--when I make friends I like to make friends, ya dig?


Anyway that's enough sharing for now.  I'm looking forward to RPing in-game soon!

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