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Tales from the Bloody Sea [Closed]

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This is just practice, kinda. I guess. *nervous laughter*

Just a quick FYI, colorful language is used. Now ya know!



Kanako woke up every morning to the smell of sweat and sea water; she had grown used to it. She lived her everyday life on a pirate ship - her choice. A young, attractive, and naive girl is persuaded in joining a pirates crew, thinking that she would be able to return home to her dear sister alongside all the loot she had gathered on her journeys. Little did she know that she would be forced to take an oath of loyalty. No matter what, she couldn't leave until the sea swallowed them all. The welcoming and exciting feeling she had on her first week aboard had long since faded away.


"Oi, Siren! Get yer arse out of fookin bed!" 


The heavy steps of a man could be heard coming towards the room, practically kicking down the door. The door to his very own quarters.


"I said, get up!"


As quick as she could, Kanako stumbled to her feet. She did not bother to comb her hair, or even try to look decent. As soon as her clothes were on, she rushed out the door, and was greeted by the the sun's bright rays. She could see everyone running back and forth to get work done. Instead of joining the crew members, she stayed by the Captain's side, like the obedient girl she was.


"Siren. Need ya t'do me a favor."


The Captain leaned in close, the scent of cigarettes and alcohol filling her nose the closer he got; his whisper sending chills down her spine. 


"Yer gonna be in charge o' t'nights cleanin'. We gettin' too big, an' I be suspectin' some traitors. We don' want 'em on board, now do we? I ain't got th' time t'deal with it, so I'll leave it t'ya, my sweet Siren."


With a devious smirk, he planted a kiss along her jawline, turning back towards his quarters. Slamming the door shut behind him, it was now just her and the crew. If the Captain wasn't around, all responsibilities were left to her. Not because she was the most capable or experienced - because she was his lover. She kept the bed warm for him, and in return she received the benefits.


The planks of wood creaked under her for every step she made. Everyone on board had grown so used to the wood that they learned to ignore it, to act as though it didn't bother them. As she made her way up the small steps to the wheel, she leaned up against it to take a good look at the crew below.


Clearing her throat, she would speak in a loud tone for all to hear. "Listen up! Yer t'continue cleanin' those cannons, and cleanin' the deck 'til ya lose the feelin' in yer hands. Everyone is gonna keep cleanin' this wretched ship until 's good enough t'sleep on the gods damn floor. Expect fer two o' ya. Two o' ya are gonna come with me t'deal with stock. Make sure we get extractions done and ready t'go fer out next raid. Question is, who's gonna be those two luck fellas t'accompany Siren?"


The deck fell silent as each man and woman looked towards each other. 




No one liked to do it. It was just as risky to obtain the poisons as it was to extract them. Alas, it was a necessity. The Captain always refused to buy pre-made poisons from others - he always wanted it made by their crew, despite the fact that many were incapable of doing it properly. They were lucky to have Kanako who was quick to learn it on her own, and guide the other crew members.


Rolling her eyes, she let out a snarl as her voice grew more demandin., "So, no one wants t'get the easy job? All ya want t'do 's clean the entire damn ship 'til ya' can't feel yer arms 'er legs? Fine by me. Can do it m'self anyroad. Sorry fer trying t'show ya some kindness."

Quickly walking away from the wheel, she looked at each individual one last time, until one of them stood out amongst the others.


Pointing her cut up finger toward the member, she let out a holler. "Oi, blondie. Don't reckon I know ya. Crawl over 'ere recently?" The woman tensed up as all the eyes followed the finger. Kanako was met with the eyes of innocents, one similar to her sister's. Kanako could feel the emptiness, it all came back at once.


The woman who stood in front of her resembled her sister in so many ways. The curly golden locks, fair skin, the youthful face. It almost hurt to remember.


"C'mere lass, yer comin' with me below deck. 'S yer lucky day." Her hand returned back down to her side - a glace was spared to the left, and soon the right.


"What er the rest o' ya doin? Don' jus' stand around like fookin' idiots. Get t'work!"


Rather quickly did the members return their duties, and the banter continued. When the members got to work together - without the worry of someone barking orders - they tended to have a good time. It was when the Captain or his beloved Siren started breathing down their necks that they became afraid.


Not sparing a glance back, she made her way below deck towards one of the side rooms. It was the creaking of the wood that alerted her of the innocent woman's steps. The way the blonde reminded her of Mamiko was uncanny. While looking through all the keys she had, she spoke more calmly and more like an equal.


"Yer ain't suppose t'be 'ere, are ya? Tell me lass, what brings ya t'a rotten place such as this?"


Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, she spoke rather quietly.


"A man by the name of... I think he said Trent , he helped me on the docks one night. You see, I use to work at the Wench, though I don't make a habit of working late. Unfortunately, this happened to be a night I had to stay up late. Two men followed me out and tried to ambush me. If it weren't for Trent, I'd... be dead."


The woman could see Kanako's shoulders rise and then fall as she let out a deep sigh, finally finding the correct key to the door. Once she unlocked it, she let herself in first before holding the door open for the woman to come in.


"Let me guess, he told ya that in order t'properly repay 'im, ya had to work with 'im. Though t'make it sound like a nice deal, he promised ya it was good work and that yer gonna love it 'ere. Even promise t'continue protectin' ya so long as ya comply. Does that sound about right?"


Closing the door behind the woman, she watched as the blonde gave a slight nod - not saying a word.


"Let me tell ya', 's how they got me too. Now yer stuck and with a damn mark t'prove it." Holding out her right wrist, she flipped it to show the inside of her wrist. An irremovable mark had been made on Kanako. A symbol showing she was one of them, and that she must pledge all loyalty.


"How about I tell ya a little bit about how I got 'ere? Maybe ya can learn somethin', and I make sure we both get out o' 'ere alive."

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