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Character Expressions Exercise

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[align=center]I'm pretty new here, but I've been an artist for a long time, and I always like to share little exercises that I have come across and used to help better my skills and my character.  So I present to you, the 25 Essential Expressions Challenge.  It's allot of fun and easy to do.  If you find one of the options does not suit your character feel free to change it, decorate the background, add more/less.  [/align]


[align=center]This exercise is thanks to Nancy at http://napalmnacey.deviantart.com/, you can find and favorite/download the original there, otherwise I have loaded up a copy.  When you're done I would love to see it here!  I'll be working on my own for my two rp characters as well.

And if you're not an artist, you could still play around with the in game emotes and takes screenies and do the exercise as well for fun.[/align]



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