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Ain't It A Life

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C'mon c'mon, take a seat take a seat! The Kelsei's are off on some big clan feud so I ain't got nobody to drink with! You got a story? Share it! You wanna go get in a fight? Do it!


I heard about it in the Carline Canopy!

What is this, you must be asking? This is a start, a fresh one! You're an adventurer, aren't you? Surely you want to have an adventurer's life! Dangerous daring deed! Fair maids and lads to hang on your every word! That's what we're trying to offer here! A nice relaxed atmosphere to enjoy exploring your character's life as an adventurer, a chance to make friends, rivals, lovers, exes... all the dramatic things that come with it!


Drinks at the Drowning Wench lads!

Why should you join? How could you not! Get in and mix it up! Gather up a loyal crew of friends to go do what needs doing! Drink whatever and trade tall tales! Meet rivals to test yourself against on the field! We're adventurers one and all, and what goes on inbetween the realm-saving is just as fun as the actual realm-savin if you ask me!


So you go talk to an Auri at the Quicksand...

And how do you join, huh? Good question! As a linkshell just getting started the best way to get in is to get in contact with me here with a PM or send a PM/Letter to "Aamilah Kanaan" over on Gilgamesh!

And remember, I don't intend to be anything but cordial to everyone OOC, so you should too!

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