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Building RP Family (Phoenix Nest, Balmung, RP FC)

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Hello there (he began, hoping this was an appropriate place to post this).


So, as much as I love one-offs in the QS (not sarcasm, I really do like them well enough), I'm wanting to put together a group for more long-term RP.


Turik has, through many recent battles, numerous injuries, and several lost friends, realized that he and the very few he calls friends may not be enough to face certain challenges.


With this in mind, he has decided to attempt building a new group, somewhat inspired from the first group he ever joined.


This group will be a school for young, fledgling adventurers. Think X-men I guess lol.

This means training and getting to know each other at the FC house, going out RP missions (bounty hunting, ruin exploration, contract jobs, etc.) outside the house, because I like the story build up to such missions and its nice to RP away from residential/city areas and get some action-packed RP sometimes ;)


Let me know if that sounds interesting in your interested in joining la familia!


P.S. Family is small at the moment. FC is pretty new, but I've already leveled it, bought a house for it, furnished it (Not cheap but worth it >_>), and everything. Just need some folks to move in and RP <3



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