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My Brother's Legacy (Closed)


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(Decided to write a bit on Leih's background. Mostly for practice.)



15 Years Prior



Thunder roared around and the cold rain seeped through the ruined caravan. The small Miqo'te toddler cling to her blanket and the cooling body of her mother, crying for her to wake up and pay attention. A roar of thunder and the shining of lightning made her scream, barely able to stand up and run out, seeking the safety of her father's arms. She slip on one of said arms, falling on a puddle of mud. Tears and blood streamed down her little face and she called now for her father. She could barely open her right eye, a cut from some sort of weapon making it hard.


"What do we have here?", a warm male voice exclaimed as the small Miqo'te suddenly felt someone pick her up and cover her from the rain, "Poor thing, you are half frozen."


"Papa?", the toddler exclaimed, her vision blurred by tears, rain and mud.


"Shh, everything will be okay. I got you now."


The girl cried a bit more, still scared by the thunder around, though soon she had blissfully unaware of the world as she slept.

"You can't be serious... You can't raise a child, Athrune, it's just insane. She's just a baby!", a young Midlander Hyur woman growled, pacing in front of a Midlander man holding the Miqo'te toddler.

"She would be dead if I had left her. The Amaal'ja were everywhere and killed everyone. Imagine if they had found her, Tirsha." Athrune sighed, letting the small girl grab a lock of platinum blond hair. 


The man did not want to admit it, but he had quickly become incredibly fond of the tiny child. His girlfriend however was not as interested. 


"She can't replace your sister. She's... different." The woman exclaimed with almost disgust. "You need to leave her somewhere."


"Where? The streets? She will be dead in a week."


The woman sighed and raised her hands in a sign of defeat. "I'm not going to fight with you anymore. Do what you want. Waste your money on that... thing... It's none of my business." 


The woman left the room, door banging as it closed behind her. The small Miqo'te gasped, then hug to Athrune's chest, looking wide eyed as the woman exited. A soothing hand rested behind her head, massaging her scalp. 


"It's okay, little one. I promise, nothing and no one will hurt you." He tapped her forehead with his and smiled as the child giggled. "I still have to give you a name..."


"Nam!" The girl exclaimed, followed by some sort of gibberish she was the only one privy to.


Athrune chuckled, letting her sit in his lap. "Yes, a name. I couldn't find anything that said who you or your parents were. Wha-what are you doing... That's not for biting." The man laugh, softly pulling the girl's tail from her mouth. "Don't hurt yourself. Hmm... what about Leih? It sounds nice, doesn't it? Leih Rhun."


"Leh!" The Miqo'te giggled. 


With a smile, the Hyur cradled the girl in his arms. "Little Leih it is then."


He moved the girl to a spot in the only bed in his room, surrounding her with pillows. The girl's green and red eyes stared at him a bit confused, as if expecting something. 




"Bankwi?... Oh! Your blanket, of course..." He sighed. He had left the broken thing behind, thinking it too dirty to carry. 


Looking around, he caught a glimpse of a moogle doll, a memento he carried everywhere. A sad smile spread on his lips as he reached for it and gave it to the child. She squealed happily, hugging the toy lovingly. Soon enough she was fast asleep, blanket forgotten in the trade of the cuddly stuffed toy.


Present Day



Leih moved slowly into the cave she now called home, careful not to step on the small river that coursed all too near to where she usually slept. Orobons often swam in the murky water and she still had teeth marks from the last time they caught her foot. She made her way to what seemed to be an old blanket stretched on the cave's floor and curled up. For a few moments she seemed to be about to go to sleep, but almost immediately she woke up. Looking around worriedly she gave a sigh of relief as she reached for a moogle toy, hugging it as she went to sleep. A smile decorated her face.

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(Using the same thread as to not create a ton of them)


Dear Big Brother,



I found the journal you gave me for my birthday before you left. It made me really happy since I thought it was lost, but it was still in our house. Well, it's not our house anymore. Mister Jijita took it, but its okay. I found a new home. It's not as nice and its not really a house. Remember the cave near the pond you took me often to play? Well, I'm sort of living there. I don't think you would like that, but well, it could be worst.



I've been working really hard to pay the debt. I know you didn't want to leave me that, but it's not your fault, so don't be sad. I'm actually happy since this way I can take care of the other children that owe money. I'm the only one that can fight after all.



Oh! There's this thing call the Grindstone and I've been participating a lot. It's a fighting tournament of sorts and I've gotten far a few times. Still not too far, but I keep trying. I know if you were here you would be the winner all the time.



I also made some new friends. I think you would really like them. 



One of them is called Drauvault. He's a pirate. Which I don't think you would like, but it's okay, he's good. He invited me to his wedding and it was really pretty. I wonder how mine would be? If I ever get married. I haven't met anyone like that yet.



There's also Kel'ari. He's... weird. He's very violent, but I don't think he's really evil. I just think he never knew something else other than violence. It's okay, though. I like talking to him anyway. 



And there's also Heidrek. I think you would like him the best. He's really strong and protective. Like a dad. I actually started calling him that. I hope that's okay with you, big brother. And I hope its okay with my real dad. I really like it because it means I have two dads I can count on.



How is things where you are? Is it nice? Have you met my mom and dad? I wonder if they miss me. I miss them, even if I can't remember. And I miss you too a lot, big brother. 



I should get back to work, or else I might get in trouble again. I promise I'll write soon again. 







P.S. I lost your armor and lance, so I'm sorry. I promise I'll try to get it back.

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The sway of the ship was slowly making Leih feel sick beyond reason. She missed being able to use aether, yet she had no option but take the long routes to anywhere she went. Giving up on a swift recovery and not wanting to disturb Ilan, she moved under the deck to curl up for a nap until they arrived to their destination.


Closing her eyes, she drifted into sleep almost immediately...



The two young Miqo'te curled up closer in a corner of the street, the older white haired girl letting the younger brunette boy sleep against her shoulder. Her red and green eyes watched as the surviving soldiers walked into the city of Ul'dah. It was a strange combination of joy and dread as the survivors met with their families, while the dead were mourned. She did not need any confirmation to know the truth. Looking down at the boy at her side she knew they were alone. Her arm tightened around him. 



She saw various other children, some of them she knew, run to their fathers, brothers and uncles. Her mind went to the man that had lovingly raised her and later on accepted the boy at her side as family. Not -her- older brother, -their- older brother was dead. Somehow she knew since the day she had saw in horror the 'Calamity' as everyone called it. She felt jealousy at the happy and relieved faces around her. And though she knew there were many others mourning, she had no sympathy for them. All she could think was that now the boy and her were alone.



"Sister?" She heard the small boy call her sleepily.



Quickly her frown turn into a smile as she looked down. "Hey, O'yhuh! Sorry, it might be hard to sleep with all the noise. Want to go somewhere quiet?"



The young male Miqo'te shook his head. "Not until Brother arrives. He will come back... right?"



She wanted to tell him the truth bluntly, but the moment she saw his eyes filled with tears her heart broke.



"Of course. He's just late... Probably overslept..." She lied, keeping her smile just for his sake.



O'yhuh nodded and curled up at her side to sleep.



Leih opened her eyes, tears drying on her face. It had been so long since she had dreamed of the past. It wasn't bad, but certainly it wasn't good either. She shook her head, curling back up in the bed roll to sleep. 


Days in the street turned into weeks and weeks into months. Her sole focus was in keeping O'yhuh alive. Even her own survival was unimportant at this point. That was the reason she was now unable to move, pressed against a wall waiting to die of hunger. She had given her own meals to her younger adoptive brother and the children he kept bringing way too many times.



She was about to pass out, finally accepting her fate, when she saw a hand in front of her. It had to be her imagination... right?



"Hey, are you okay?" A male voice asked, the hand moving to rest against her cheek. "You look so pale... when was the last time you ate something?"



She felt as someone picked her up with ease, not that she was in any way heavy, and walked with her in arms. 



"Don't die on me, you hear?"



Whoever was carrying her had a strange foreign accent and it made her worried. What if he took her away from the city to harm her? Who would care for O'yhuh and the other orphans?



They came to a stop and she was softly laid down against a wall, though unlike before she had some protection from the sun. She finally was able to see who had carried her. It was a Hyur boy, maybe a couple of years older, with dark hair and blue eyes. He covered his forehead with a bandana, but otherwise seemed well dressed. 



The boy had sat in front of her with a bowl of some sort of soup and tried feeding her. "I promise it's not poisoned. You need to eat, right?"



She forgot in that moment any common sense and simply ate, never feeling better in her life. After she finished, the boy sat at her side, patting her head softly.



"Atta girl. I'm Neo. What's your name?"



"... Leih..." She mumbled, unsure how to respond to someone patting her as if she was some sort of pet.



Neo smiled. "Don't give up. Things will get better... eventually."



The Miqo'te blinked and smiled, though there was nothing real in the smile. "I know!"



The boy frowned, flicking her forehead. "I'm serious. You know, you don't have to act happy if you don't feel happy."



Blinking at his words, Leih was at loss of any of her own.



"Don't worry. I'll take care of you, alright? It's the least I can do..."



Leih groaned in annoyance, giving up in her attempts to sleep. Clearly after many years, her past suddenly wanted to constantly remind her of memories she tried to forget as much as possible. 


She walked back out into the deck, noticing the night sky. Ilan was most likely asleep, as well as any sailor she could talk to. She found a spot where she could sit and just stare at the stars. 


"Hey Leih, let's get married?" A nineteen years old Neo asked a sixteen years old Leih.



The Miqo'te raised her ears. "What? Are you drinking again with that Elezen? I told you, you are a lightweight."



"Not that! I mean it. When we're both a bit older. Or well, when you are older. Let's get married, get a big house and adopt all the other orphans."



"And where would we get the money, oh great thinker of thinkers?" Leih chuckled.



Neo grabbed her hand, pulling her against his chest and hugging her tightly. "Somewhere. Stop worrying so much. It's my job to take care of you, anyway."



Despite the years that have passed from his death, Leih could still remember how warm and safe she felt in his arms.


"You were always an idiot..." She murmured, noticing a shooting star. "I wish... I wish I could just blurt out my emotions just like you, Neo... I wish you were here to teach me..."

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Dear big brother,



It's been so long since I wrote here. I'm really sorry. I just been seeing so many new things and learning everything I can on the way.



I've met so many people and I see many of them as family. Now I have a lot of siblings! You probably would go crazy. But it's okay. I always wanted a big family anyway. Not everyone gets along, mind you, but I don't let that get to me. 



The nightmares I used to have when I was small came back, but I'm fine. My friend Caeldrin help me. Though, I imagine you know since I'm sure you are watching over me. 



O'yhuh still refuses to meet more people. I guess he's still scared. And W'rhika is back. That made me happy. He tells me stories about when you two went hunting. I wish you would have taken me.



Right now not everything is okay. Someone very important to me was taken. Her name is Hannah, and I kinda call her mom. Ala Mhigans took her and now dad is worried. So is her brother. I feel so useless because I can't really do anything but wait. 



I also found someone that is willing to teach me to become a dragoon. Her name is Sei. I think she plans to push me from the roof of a house. I mean, that's not that high really. At least not compared to where we used to train. But the basics are important, I suppose. I like her. She doesn't seem to be the kind of person that will coddle me.



Coeurl still attacks me at times. I guess he's angry I'm no longer a slave. But I'm not scared anymore. Aaron convinced me I can fight him on my own. 



I think you would have liked Aaron. He's really nice. I mean, not many people think he is, but he's always been nice to me. I guess people just don't take the time to get to know him.



I promise to write more often, but for now I should get going. I still miss you every day and I wish you were here. 





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