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Whisper's inspirational pictures.

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Whisper in her tux shown above with her friend in the middle of the desert. Looks are deceiving.




Stone Hanaku, the 7'0 towering iron giant FemRoe fighting in an enraged state.



[align=center]The story behind the pictures.


[align=left]I have been RPing for roughly 10 years now and these two have been my main two characters in every game i play. Guild Wars 1 is where i started and i moved to EQ2,SWTOR and now i'm here. The inspiration behind these two is somewhat a story of my persona is well as what i strive to be in a person. I'll try to write this in story form.


Whisper represents my mind in many case. She is the wise old woman with a trick or two up her sleeve. She has always been a rogue class for this very reason or Sniper depending on the game. I put much of my mental state of mind into her but certain aspects i do leave out. She is the thinker, the wise woman. Philosophy and such as well as a blade master. Keeping it civil with everyone, despite how much you may hate or dislike them is one of the key elements of something i strive to be. Physically what we have in common is that we don't look like much. I'll admit I'm 6'2 and 135lbs. I don't look like anything intimidating but looks can be deceiving. Debating, helping and trying to spread wisdom is something she does as well as try to teach other individuals who want it. She spends most of her retired days just thinking and talking to whoever will want to chat with an old woman or maybe even adventure.


Stone on the other hand represents my confidence in a sense. There's not a challenge i will back down from and this tends to get me in either some trouble or hurt via pulled muscles but the job will get done. She is an honorable woman of her word and won't make a promise unless she knows she can keep it. She is called Stone because she has an insane endurance as well as physical strength. I wish i had her strength but i do match the endurance to a degree. I'm used to taking tons of punishment but while she is honorable,friendly, and loves to joke. She does also tend to have a very nasty temper once she's in an actual fight or something smashes her foot when shes not in armor then she'll just get mad enough to throw the damn thing.


These two in general are folks i wish i had IRL beside me but in some weird way i know i do cause they're apart of me but they're their own people who're here with me. Does this make me weird? I don't really care one way or the other but feel free to answer xD Honesty is the best policy but i do hope you enjoyed the story. I've been up for like 20hours when this was posted and i gotta say. The grammar ain't as bad as i thought it'd be..Weird. Shit rambling over.



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