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[News] Death’s Ire

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During a masquerade ball held last sennight, on the 18th Sun of this moon, a man was found dead in the upper levels of the manse, his mask removed and his face frozen in what appears to be a painful seizure. Investigators had kept the occurrence tightly sealed in the hands of Ishgard’s forces lest public backlash occur against the hosting city-state. 


Reports now reveal the man to be an Elezen belonging to a minor noble house. Body exhumation revealed a sheen of bloody sweat and black markings with death occurring within the hour of coming into contact with something foul. 


The person having found the body lamented it was death’s ire, come to admonish us for our sins. 


Anyone with information on a figure dressed in a shroud of crimson and a mask of smooth white please make contact with Ishgard’s forces.



Author: Daegan I. Wellington


Edited by Sorcini
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