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The Sword and Skillet, a tavern linkshell

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The Sword and Skillet Linkshell, An Introduction

OOC Linkshell for people interested in a relaxedrp environment, with possibility for participation in more adventerous events, should they wish.

The purpose:

Acting as a linkshell for friends (and foes) of the people of MM-RP, let people know when and where they might find rp with our crew, as well as information on when the bar might be staffed. And hear news of events every now and then.

Who we are:


Might and Magitek is an RP-focused Free Company, with players ranging from the light to heavy spectrum of RP. The main story and players revolve around the bar and our mercenary dealings. So contact us if youhave interest in any of these.



This is not a PvE-channel, keep talk/group recruitment to a minimum

Keep it civil, disagreements shouldn't escalate and if they do, take it to PM's

Don't get too raunchy, again if you want that, take it to PM's

1 Alt maximum for those not involved in running the bar itself.



Contacts for joining:

Gen Quickpaw

Kiipa Nulstat

Anton Borneheld

Khalun Ejinn






Hope to see you there!

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