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Light hearted Merc Captain seeking friendly companions

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[align=center]-About me-[/align]

[align=left]I love story driven RP and much prefer a story arc but light RP is also very fine as it has its neat twists.

I'm almost always available via PM and Skype but not in game since i'm rarely on Balmung if ever. This will be subject to change eventually.

Im friendly and more then willing to work with any idea thrown at me and tend to goof off a bit

Edit: Enemies are more then welcome too!


[align=center]-about Stone Hanaku-

[align=left]Stone is a leader of a small band of Mercs and is a light hearted caring individual. Usually the motive of the person wanting to hire her matters more then the pay but so long as they get their money on time. They're extremely loyal. Though they do tend to make a small encampment in the desert in various places just moving like a group of Nomads.



[align=center]-Specific things-

Nothing really specific. I tend to adapt to the style of the person im Rping with so anything from a plot to kill some epic mob or helping someone overcome something to just getting wasted at the Quicksand or the merc encampment if ya want to stumble upon it is fine..





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