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Shroudwolf Clan

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The Shroudwolf Clan was founded on the basis of providing a family to those without. While we are a Keeper Clan, all races are welcome. However, members are expected to hold fast to the ideals of our Keeper Clan -- no matter your appearance, you’re a Keeper at heart. In addition to being a Keeper Clan, Shrouldwolf is also registered and recognized as an official Free Company of Gridania. Anyone may join as an associate of the Free Company without being a full member of the Clan itself.  


We strive for a “traditionally modern” outlook, allowing ourselves to adapt with the times while still holding dear the traditions our people have valued for generations. Family is the core of our foundation. We strive to inspire camaraderie between family and associates regardless of their race, background, or status.The Shroudwolves firmly believe that once you become part of the family, your past has only as much bearing on you as you allow it.


[align=center]This is a second chance -- a new beginning -- and you’re not alone.


For further information or to get in contact with us, please contact our officer team in game. We are currently actively recruiting members of any race. Anyone is welcome to join our LS either as a friend or to get a feel for the FC's activity.



Medium to Heavy Roleplayers


Americas [ Accepting any Timezone ]




Good or Neutral 


Keeper Clan, Family, New Beginnings



Recruit Status:

Actively Recruiting!

Officer Team:

Khloe Lyehga, Sanja Polaali, Nauta Lyehga



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