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--MMORPG background

--RP experience

--Character ideas/info

--How did you learn about the coalition?

--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

--Anything from real life youâre comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)


MMORPG background

I was a long-standing member of the FFXI incarnation of Crystalline on the Sylph Server. I roleplayed the enigma-of-a-man, John Spiegel.


Character ideas/info

I am going to be rolling on the FFXIV incarnation of Crystalline and will be bringing three characters to the table, one of which is fresh and has no sort of set path.


1. A smooth-talking Roeg that I will use as a catalyst to acustom myself to some minor details in the lore and whatnot. (Oh yeah, I never got to play FFXIV)

2. Alex Spiegel (JJ's son)

3. JJ himself! (Adapted to FFXIV, modeled after Eva and Isilime's aged original Crystalline members)


How did you learn about the coalition?

Eva hooked me up with it along with Crystalline. I pop on once in awhile. As that I am not at all involved in anything whatsoever, I frequent here very seldom as of late.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Well this is kind of subjective in definition of "light", "medium" or "heavy". I am going to answer as if I was just rolling with JJ.


With JJ, if anyone is familiar with him, he is usually very goofy but can turn to straight up bloodlust mode (exagerating, he doesn't drink blood). If bad things aren't happening, JJ is happy, if bad things ARE happening, JJ tends to be serious, if not defensive. Depending on his condition, he can be straight up battle lustful. You see, back in FFXI, JJ was a Dark Knight through and through. In combat, when he needed it, he used Dark Magic to absorb some strength from his opponets or even just straight up used his own darkness to do devastating damage. It's a struggle for him not to hurt those around him when he's tapping into his "darkness". Yeah, it sounds generic. It kind of is (I was what, 12-14 when I made JJ?, almost a freaking decade ago), but since creation, JJ has definitely become a multi-layered character. Very powerful, but by far not invincible.


Dude's covered in scars, but just never gives up. There's a good account of the times he's had his ass handed to him (Islude blew JJ the hell up once, Snoll Tzar ate JJ after JJ did awesome damage to him (RP'd the CoP missions back in the day), a bunch of times JJ got his ass handed to him prior to joining Crystalline (JJ got his hair burned off, got tortured for a time, etc. JJ is by no means a "badass" character. He just doesn't quit, even if he has broken limbs..... I recently found out that a good analog would be Guts from the Berserk manga with respect to JJ's unrelenting and growing battle ability the more he is beaten. JJ does is NOT the father of some crazy half demon child thing that ages quickly. (didn't read the magna, but I read what happens after the anime, which is like the first and second arc of the manga >.>)


--Anything from real life youâre comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

From 2008-2012, I was in college (hence my absence from FFXI/XIV RP in general). I chose to spread my wings and socialize and all that good stuff. Dicked off my first two years in chemistry, changed to geology and worked my ass off. I managed to take about 10-15 hours OVER the required amount of classes along with achieving to research grants to study engineering and geologic properties of paleosols (that's fossil soils). Graduated in May, still looking for a job in the geoscience field.


I like to cook (and am quite good at it imo), collect rocks (mostly that I actually obtained myself), play harmonica and listen to music. If you count drinking booze as a hobby, throw that in there, I guess.

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You've been here longer than I have O.o


I like the name Spiegel, it always reminds me of Spike, even when it's not intended. The resilience also does.


Curious: Did you ICly move from XI to XIV? I never played XI so I'm not entirely sure of the differences between it and XIV.


And, welcome!

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In my youth I did cop that surname from good ol' Spike. You could argue his tenacity as well, but JJ is far from being a Spike Spiegel.


ICly move, no. In fall of 2008, the computer I played FFXI on took its final dive and I said "screw MMOs, I'm in college" and I didn't pick up a single giant ass game like it until I graduated in May 2012 (Diablo 3 then Borderlands 2, as well as picked up Fallout 3 and Skyrim, etc). The difference from FFXI and FFXIV lore is crazy, but to the core, JJ is the same. Just retconning some stuff and adapting some of JJ's backstory (and actually changing it. But I've not gotten to that at all). The JJ that will appear on Crystalline will be the same JJ to those that were around in old Crystalline time. Just, you know, older, (balder?) and balder. (Yes, I said it twice)


Some of the old Crystalline (FFXI) folk have adapted their characters to FFXIV, choosing a 20-25 year leap (pre ARR) in time. Eva (originally Dyterium in XI) and Isilime (Hirilonde) aged their FFXI folk by that much and retconned stuff that didn't fit XIV lore, but their personalities and respective relations remained the same. It is my knowledge that Isilime (IC Oldman Hiri) kept the fate of various FFXI Crystalline folk ambiguious to allow future returners (such as myself) a bunch of room all the while keeping the memory of them there.

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