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A Bounty on a Bounty Hunter

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 (A series of fliers spread around Ul'dah and Limsa)


[align=center]From the desk of The West Sun Shipping Company:






Target's Name:

Hojo'to Zuginoch[/align]



Male.  Tall for a miqo'te and broad.  Encased in heavy armor with white hair tumbling down around alabaster eyes.  A pixy nose rests above thin lips and his flesh is a purplish hue.


Known Aliases:

"The Ram"


Last Seen:

Taking a ship from Limsa


Wanted For:[/align]


A fortnight ago, the Bounty Hunter named Hojo'to Zuginoch broke into the offices of one Tobias M. Hendrick Jr., a respected member of The West Sun Shipping Company.  The brute proceeded to smash his way through the office, wounding several and forcing Mr. Hendrick Jr. to flee into the city.  In the crowded streets, the Keeper brute recklessly, and heedless of bystanders, proceeded to first wound, then decapitate, Mr. Hendrick; taking the head and leaving the body behind.  We, at West Sun Shipping, are offering a reward for information in regards to this terrible crime; or for the location, or retrieval, of the Keeper bounty hunter known as Hojo'to Zuginoch.



The individual is a bounty hunter and clearly dangerous. We, at The West Sun Shipping Company, are not liable in the event you are harmed in the attempt to apprehend this miqo'te.



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