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Headline: Cynical Laughter

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[align=center]Cynical Laughter[/align]



[align=center]In the early morning hours as the desert sun rose overhead, the Laughing Armament's corporation suffered another setback this year in the form of an unprovoked attack from within their Thanalan branch. The aggressors originated from within the organization's own private security ranks; The very same that they pride themselves upon hiring out to the wealthy and elite, citing that it's advanced magitek weaponry sets them above mere sellswords. [/align]



[align=center]At the time of press the company's spokesman, Windel Higgs, released a public statement. "These three individuals in question have not long served from within our fold, and have been identified as problematic among their peers... Rest assured that we are looking into the matter, and at present taking considerations in terms of the scrutiny paid to those employed to avoid future mishaps such as this, and that our customers continue to receive only the most professional and firmly disciplined armsmen we might provide."[/align]



[align=center]Contrary to this statement, however, it has been revealed through extensive inquiries that those three individuals in question, so named Deus ban Baelan (28, Hyur - Male), Screaming Eagle (23, Roegadyn - Male), and Ciel ban Tosca (20, Hyur - Female) have served for some several years among their rank and file, and have been employed across the high and low of Hydaelyn's social elite. When the inquiry was raised for statement, neither Windel Higgs, or President Lohengrin could be reached. [/align]



[align=center]Further surrounding the mystery about the incident, are whispers from within the company that the three had taken into their possession experimental and untested weaponry and armor, refusing to part with it well after it had been issued, prior to their assault and murder of four other members of their company before fleeing into the night. The three identified have had their likeness rendered by artists and a bounty issued for the three - any and all information regarding them should be forwarded to the Brass Blades of Ul'dah immediately. [/align]



Story; Sorell Blanth

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