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Highlander and/or Elezen Seeking a "Really Good Friend"

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Round two! Rather than bumping my old post that I can't seem to find, I'll make a new one.


I'm looking for male characters (one or more?) interested in playing the part of a romantic interest for my character(s). Eyvindr is my main, but I spend quite a bit of time on Antonie as well.


Any friend of my character is a friend of his company too, and you're more than welcome to join us on group RP, events, and the like.

Eyvindr - Highlander Hyur

Character Wiki

(The wiki could use a little updating and new pictures but is otherwise decent enough)


Summary: A merchant of questionable goods who dabbled in magic and ended up delving into the adventurer life and becoming second in command of his company, the Outriders. Former party-boy with criminal connections who likes to pretend he's rich to mock the people in Ul'dah that really are wealthy. He's often snarky and can be mean to those that deserve it, but definitely has a warm side.


Possible RP hooks: Business contacts in Ul'dah, teacher/student arrangements with any sort of skill, anything!

Antonie Riaux - Wildwood Elezen

Character Wiki


Summary: An Ishgardian inquisitor who thinks he's undercover, but really he just got sent to Eorzea because he's too much of a crazy zealot for Ishgard. His personality fluctuates between shy and coy, cold, and fiercely passionate. Oh, and crazy. Don't forget the crazy. The (good?) news is he's not really all that dangerous - all bark and no bite.


Possible RP hooks: Fellow Ishgardians make the most sense, but open to anything!


Player Directory Post


Interested? I prefer you PM me but sending a tell in-game works too!

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