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X'zanza art and cookie \ Commission open \


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[align=center]" Always a cookie to welcome all of you! "[/align]


[align=center]So hellow everyone! Some of you know that I draw! I'm an "artist" Well I call me an artist since I draw. But well! Hey here is not the place to elaborate about how we are an artist. [/align]


[align=center]So I'm not in FFXIV since a long time, So I don't have really drawing of FFXIV things, but I have a lot of WoW things. [/align]


[align=center]But yea! I'm open for commission because I would love to make a bigger gallery of FFXIV drawing that WoW things.[/align]


[align=center]-> Terms and conditions + List of prices[/align]



[align=center]My few nice FFXIV drawing  ( Will always show my new ffxiv drawing here if I get more FFXIV commission )[/align]

[align=center]1  2 3 4 5 6[/align]


[align=center]Others drawing not related to FFXIV :[/align]


[align=center]1 2 3 4 5 6[/align]


[align=center]My gallery[/align]


[align=center]At the moment, I'm unlimited slot, since I need money for 1. Clear credit card to be able to pay for FFXIV. ( I want to come back and give full of cookie to all of you Y^Y ) 2. For my personnal birthday present. ( Youpie birthday soon \o/ ) [/align]


[align=center]So yea! If you have any question, anything to say you can or even any idea to be better, don't be shy! <3 [/align]

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[align=center]little update, I add one new drawing on my others. [/align]


[align=center]+ A quick update for my commission for any people who will buy a full color this month will get a free sketch too. =) [/align]

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