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Mysterious Archer on the Rooftops!

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Today at approximately 10am in Ul'dah a mysterious blue robed figure with a painted face shot a aether-arrow into the crowded marketplace and striking an Xaelan merchant dead. Sarin Dotharl, a merchant who sold Xaelan pottery was just opening up his shop when the arrow hit him passerby's say. The Flames are looking for the figure and a description will follow below.


The small Xaelan figure looks to be about 12 to 16 years old with short dark purple hair. Nothing else is known except that she shouted. "Vengeance for Hotgo!" down into the streets. Another figure in leather was seen peeking over the roof before disappearing. Both are wanted by the Flames for questioning and a small reward has been offered by a citizen as well.



Story by,

Shinzu Tale

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