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Hi from Hyperion.


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Hello there. I'm new round here. My names Yukira Iwaizumi and i'm from Hyperion. Nice to meet you all and I hope to meet many nice people here real soon! 


A bit about me. I've been rping for at least 5 years and have sparsely rp'd in the FFXIV community on no particular server. I've been trying my best to get onto Balmung for a while now to rp more but it's been absolutely no dice. I've been trying to rp elsewhere but most places i've gone have been very cliquey and not welcome to newcomers.


I'm generally shy and I get scared to initiate many rp's but if one were to come to me/show interest then you'll find I have a lot of fun ideas and scenes to share.


My specialty is usually scenes of the Erotic type but i'm flexible to just about anything even though that's my preference.


I hope to make many new friends and partners here!

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Hey there! It's always nice to see new faces around the forums and trust me when I say we've all been in that position of trying to get onto Balmung. Lolz.


If you ever do get into Balmung, let me know and we can RP. I'm not one to get into the erotic scene these days, but I can definitely make sure you get to the right people. Balmung is full of the sort.


Welcome to the fold! (:

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