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Experienced role-player looking for new friends/connections.

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Hiya there. My names Yukira Iwaizumi from Hyperion and i'm new around here looking for some people to get started with! While I am on Hyperion I am super open to all forms of rp over most mediums, not just in game.


Some details about my characters. I rp two muses, both of which are two twin sisters, both are miqo'te seekers of the sun. I'll go into further detail individually.


1. Yukira


Full name: Yukira iwaizumi

Age: 31

Sex: Female

Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the sun

Birthplace: Ul'dah

Profession: Bounty Hunter/Machinist/Vigilante/Former Hunter/Former prostitute.

Personality: Laid back, easy-going, good natured, self righteous, playful, flirty, hot headed

Positive Quirks: Caring, loving, devoted, compassionate, loyal, entirely serious toward her work

Negative Quirks: Lazy, short tempered, not easily trusting, shortsighted at times, indifference toward death or injury on her own behalf, risk taker, pessimistic, self depricating

Backstory: Yukira was always working with her hands from a young age. Most things she came in contact with were broken from the first moment, as was the case with most people growing up in the slums of Ul'dah. Like most youth around her, she tried many things while growing up to help keep food on the table. While her sister grew into a gifted hunter and warrior in her own regard, Yukira could never find a weapon that felt right in her hands. While she excelled in the tracking and capturing of prety, her turnouts were still low, and her piers soon refused to allow her along due to her lack of skill in weaponry,and while they found her useful in terms of repairing their basic equipment, it wasn't long before she found herself outcast, even by her own sibling. As she grew older, her disdain for her twins feats barbarisms reached all-time highs. Her parents constant praise of them, and the resulting scolding placed on her shaped the now short fuse that she's known to have today. Livid and fed up, at the tender age of 19 she disappeared from her families household and opted into a life on the streets. Many years passed, most of it a blur of illegal activity, alcohol, drugs, and many nights in many an unfamiliar bed. Such a blur came to an end by the age of 24. By then, there was nary a fellow who couldn't recount a rut with her, and while she still had clients, she was regarded as stray cat that could be dealt with no longer. Shunned once again, she lost purpose. A new low had been reached, and for what felt like forever, she stumbled around, aimlessly lost in her sorrow and the bottom of bottles she well couldn't afford. As all seemed lost to her, a chance encounter with her long forgotten sibling granted her clarity for only a moment. Thought the miqo'te in question thought it would be a happy reunion that brought her such clarity, it was piercing hatred that met her as Yukira lashed out at her openly. As if her public reputation wasn't already shattered enough, openly lashing out at someone who was then one of the top 10 prize fighters in the city was the last straw. The only good thing to come of this was her siblings realization of her ignorance as she dragged the other away from the private eye. Many years of pent of frustration and hatred spilled forth from the now broken woman. Deftly, her sibling listened, and didn't bother apologizing as it was clear the damage was done. All she could do to apologize was to help the miqo'te clean her act up, and over the course of a year, she did just that. It was a long, hard road but toward the end the two reached a mutual understanding. With new found stability in her life, Yukira applied herself more than ever. Over time, she came to learn of the skysteel machinery and its many new teachings. It seemed like forever ago that she took a leap of faith and made her way all the way to Ishgard simply to ask to become an apprentice. With her hands busy with machine work, and a new found weapon that felt correct where others felt awkward and unwelcome in her hand, she set out back to her home with new found pride and a meaning. With her new found knowledge and training, she decided to put her old childhood skills to use and try and tame the beast that was unpunished crime in her home, through methods both sanctioned and unsanctioned.


2. Cordelia.


Full Name: Cordelia iwaizumi

Age: 31

Sex: Female

Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the sun

Birthplace: Ul'dah

Profession: Former Pro Gladiator/Prize fighter, Pugilist, Head of Gold Saucer security, Former hunter

Personality: Uppity, Bubbly, Fun loving, Tireless, Energetic, Straight forward.

Positive quirks: Fiercely loyal, always giving 100% or more, Selfless, Natural Protector. Deep sense of honor and justice

Negative Quirks: Ignorant toward hints, Clingy, Slightly Over Dramatic, Bottles emotions, Too eager to protect others, Prone to meltdowns when overworked

Backstory: The opposite of Yukira, Cordi was always a proficient fighter. The miqo'te always fought with a fierce fire that bolstered her allies resolve. When she was young hunter, one of her most prized kills and most recounted acts was a fight against the rare giant Brontes in Central Thanalan. At the tender age of 15, she was able to not only bring much needed support to her losing hunters, who were ill prepared to fight the beast, but she sustained many a long lasting injury to protect her fellow hunter, most notable being her heavily damaged right arm, which is scarred from finger to shoulder. She lost all feeling in this appendage, and while it still hasn't and likely never will heal entirely, she wears her scars with pride. The moment she turned 18, she left the hunt to start her career as a fighter. Through nearly 10 years, she rose to fame as one of the best pugilists in Ul'dah. Though she was never so dominant as to hold 1st place for ridiculous periods of time, she was throned and dethroned many times in her career. After a chance encounter with her sorrow drowned twin, she was forced for the first time to realize the effect that she'd had on her sibling. Such a sudden and hateful reality started her toward a change in herself, as for how much she tried to protect others, to see her long lost sister suffering so destroyed her in a way she couldn't understand. She felt she'd failed to to protect what actually mattered. Her performance in the gladiator circuit started to decline for a few years due to her utter focus on helping her aleing sister find her way again. During her last stint, she gave it all she possibly could, and was crowned first in the circuit once again. With her last accomplishment in hand, a minor concussion, and all the air gone from her lungs, she announced her retirement indefinitely. After a solid amount of time spent mending her relationship with Yukira, and helping her as best as she could on her path to becoming a skysteel Machinist, she came back to the Ul'dahn community as the Head of Security at the gold saucer, as a volunteer no less. In this position, she has made sure to keep altercations at a record low, much of the time by force of her own. Rumor says she has yet to lose a brawl versus a drunkard yet.


So yeah! I hope you enjoy what i've written up and I really am desperately looking for partners to play with and roleplay with. If you're on Hyperion or would like to even rp anywhere else like here in pms or on most messaging platforms please hit me up.

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