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Astral Auction: Date an Agent!

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Astral Auction: Date an Agent!


Ever wanted to get a closer look at the famously infamous members of the Agents? Tired of admiring those muscles from afar? Have a lot of gil that you just can’t figure out how to spend improperly?




The Astral Agents of Balmung are having their first ever Date Auction event, hosted by our very own Ignera Arbell! We in the Agents have grown in size quite a bit over the last two years, and our small house has gotten crowded! In order to gain some funds for a larger house, we’ve decided to give the public a chance to help fill our coffers! If you’ve been interested in interacting with our members, this event is the perfect chance to spark new friendships! And perhaps… love?!


Here are the rules!


1. Exchanges will be made with real gil.

2. Bidding for each date will start at 50,000.

3. Bids must be made between at 1,000 increments.

4. There is a limit of two purchases.

5. All winning bids must be turned in to Free Company officers: Berrod Armstrong, Sarij Rahzersyn, Cerina Borlaaq, Aerik Tirel, and Ignera Arbell.




Though this is a date auction, this is not necessarily mean that the RP will end up in a romantic date. Instead, think of this as an auction that purchases a certain character’s time! All date activities must be within the consent of both parties, so please communicate with your newly acquired friend and discuss what sort of roleplay the both of you are interested in! Should the event of one person being unable to properly discuss as to what they want, or one person becomes uncomfortable with the date and wishes for it to end, refunds will be made. 


Thank you for understanding. Remember, we are all in this for fun!


If you have any questions or concerns, please send in those through private messages to Berrod Armstrong or the astralagents.tumblr.com ask box! We’re excited to see you all there!


Coming Soon to this post and The Astral Agent’s tumblr:


Profiles and descriptions of our members being put up to auction! Please look forward to it!

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Date an Agent: Clayton Abercrombie 













My name is Clayton Abercrombie – Clay usually works around here. I’m late from Ishgard and served as a Temple Knight under Lord High Commander Aymeric for fifteen years–my title last I checked was Honored Master Sergeant. I have been brought up in a lesser House of Ishgard with all the training that goes along with it; etiquette and decorum are a habit for me. That stated I am not above finding interesting or out of the way places to enjoy myself and the company I’m with. Noble and true, I will make it my sworn duty to protect any heart that makes it into my charge. So, what do you say? Will you be my prince or princess for a day? 




Like what you see? More profiles coming soon!

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