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A dream through the void.

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A voice echoed in the darkness, "I am tired..." She turned her head from side to side, images of loved ones fading far from her grasp, "Shas... Jocea..." She extended her arm attempting to hold on to them as she slowly floated deeper into a dark abyss. "I cant... I have failed... I can never be what you all wanted me to be... in the end, I am just another monster..." Unable to hold on to anyone she slowly brought her hands to her chest curling into a ball, "I... I even failed Melisande... and now I will fade away" She clenched her left arm with her right hand as the images of her failures swept her away, "In time... time will erase me... before I see this world again, surely years should pass."


"Child of darkness" echoed in the infinite abyss, "Surely you have not given up... you basked in my light the minute you passed into the realm of light, surely you do not wish to leave them behind... I have been watching you." Lilith slowly shook her head, "No... but what can I do... I will always be what I am.." The voice echoed once more, "You are an anomaly who was shaped by the greed of man. You understand, there must be balance. Lilith felt a warm hand caress her right cheek and a cold one her left. A distorded voice now echoed, "yOu shall LiSTeN tO mEe, sHe dOEs nOt comMand YOu." Both voices echoed in the distance, "I cannot give you my gift... but you already posses one of your own, you who were born in darkness and basked in light. The other has passed there is only Lilith. You now understand, balance above all. Go... and protect our world... you will know who drowns. wAkE uP/wake up..." A small tremor could be felt in a distant cave and in its epicenter a statue of an Elezen wearing rusted armor, covered in vines and mold. (to be cont)(Your thoughts on this would be really appreciated)

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