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Good Morning Eorzea! (Daily Series)

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It's still Feb 2nd here... you're from the future! :o

Also, 8bit Theatre got me used to calling FF I characters by their class names, so can't help you there... though Fighter having red hair makes me think of Renaise and I'm sure we got a white-haired Elezen somewhere who could lend his name to Red Mage. *nods*

I also want to say that I tend to hire characters representing my friends in FF Tactics, just because I can give them the right zodiac sign. I'm that bad. ^^:

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Well it -is- headlines.. but in artistic form?

I was gonna edit my above post to say I like it because I happen to be one who doesn't go much on Lodestone and such, so it's an easy source of information for me. ^^

Also, it's now midnight EST and therefore Feb 3rd. I caught up!

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I would LOVE to see a housing system similar to Rift's. What Trion did is seriously amazing. ^^

Just like you mentionned wanting to see, it has gatherers and crafters able to craft items for housing and vendors sell the rest, such as furniture, planks and tiles for building, outdoor and indoor decorations... 

I was amazed to see this in Rift after mmorpgamers have been demanding housing in every mmo for a decade now and barely ever got anything decent (before Rift, only ones I knew were Everquest and LOTRO... and superhero mmo's), so I doubt I'll be seeing anything like it anytime soon but one can dream.

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Hey Nel, it seems that your voice keeps getting quieter or farther away with each video. I'm not sure if you noticed, but yeah =P On that note, I'm not sure what you have to work with (or what's necessarily needed, for that matter), but if you're able to, I would try to play with the settings of the sound so you can to see if the music covers your voice too much.

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I know this isn't the forums or Youtube, but I was thinking that, while we get informational tidbits every day while waiting for Beta and ARR, the daily aspect of the show is definitely appreciated for all of us who cling onto this information. For example, normally I wake up in the morning and immediately go to the forums for the Dev Tracker, JP translation, French Translation and German Translation threads. Throughout the day I'll check the Dev Tracker if I can, but especially at night. But there's some days I can't really do this, or I manage to miss something.


For Beta, I'm sure Dev tidbits will lessen on certain subjects. Things will probably be "We initially did not consider that option, and thus have no intention putting that feature in right now, but if there's enough player feedback we will consider it!" Since the game at this point is so close to completion. When it comes to this, I would consider a weekly digest, unless if the Devs are a lot more responsive...or, if players manage to ask some interesting things that provoke a Dev response over the Course of Beta.


The Launch of the game, I would think you could get away with doing daily shows again for some time, then ease into weekly digests once hype settles down. If a patch day or an emergency patch falls on an off day for broadcasting, you could do a "Good Morning Eorzea Special Report!" after the patch to list the new features or fixed bugs.


So in hindsight, I would say....you can do daily shows until after launch and things settle down, at least that's my opinion, anyways ^^.

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Thank you Moltove. Each episode is a learning experience. Soon I hope to get a more professional mic and pop filter and expand from there.




What I'm really hoping is one day, obviously not for a while, is to be able to do this like full time. So if anyone has adblockers up, can I kindly ask you turn them off just for my show ^^; ?

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