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Life before the calamity (Scarlet/Lilith)

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Life Before the Calamity


Scarlet Snow was born on 13th sun of the 5th umbral moon, Daughter to a Hyur named Tristan Snow and a Ishgardian female elezen, who's name is currently unknown. Scarlet and her father lived in Haldrath’s March. They tended to their family blacksmith shop where travelers would go out of there way to get there swords, shields, among other crafts serviced. This is the life Tristan was able to give to his child. Although being Half Elezen and Hyur and with a life of constant work, Scarlet's past was always full of joy growing up with Tristan, from playing with her father to learning and helping him with his shop. On a bright cold morning while Tristan was out, Scarlet tended to her duties in the store. A Ishgardian Knight carefully made his way thru the entrance. This knight although silent, his presence was kind. The warrior came in with the intention of having his shield and sword repaired. Scarlet did not recognize the man as one of their frequent customers and normally she would not do the harder jobs around the store, but something told her... Perhaps fate or the hand of destiny to help the warrior. Time passed and the warrior frequently visited the store and with time Scarlet befriended the knight... She even learn the name of the knight, Akashi was the name given to her. Time passed and the couple became more. With Tristan’s blessing Akashi would come and go, with each visit new gifts were given to Scarlet and with every visit Scarlet became more and more curious to what this knight stood for. she even went as far as to ask him to teach how to dance with a sword. For many months they shared days full of training and nights colored in love, but Scarlet did not realize her dream would soon come to an end.


On the 20th sun of the 3rd astral moon Scarlet’s life would change forever, leaving her life for a faded memory. On this night a group of passing bandit set eyes on their shop. While Akashi was called in on a last minute notice the bandits raided the shop. They broke in making their presence noticed, there shop being so distant of any town, it was easy prey. Tristan a very sturdy adventurer on his days, picked up a sword to protect Scarlet and himself, he swung his sword parrying as many attacks as he could, but this adventurer time had long passed, he was cut down in front of Scarlet. Scarlet panicked as her father was slain in front of her. Scarlet picked up a sword, struggling as her shaking hands made it difficult to hold the sword properly. A hooded bandit set eyes on Scarlet and began making his way to her. Scarlet felt a cold shiver down her spine as the man gazed at her, she swung the sword left and right up and down trying to repel them away wishing they would leave, but life is not always forgiving. The hooded bandit was able to repel the sword with his own then striking Scarlet in the center of her face with his fist, knocking her down to the ground. Hurt and humiliated, Scarlet was dragged by her leg out to the front of the shop, Scarlet came to her senses again and as she noticed she was being dragged somewhere she started struggling again kicking and screaming. The hooded bandit got tired of her struggling and struck her again, but this time he would force himself on her.


Akashi who was coming back from his duties came upon the scene and without a thought the warrior unsheathe his claymore, swinging the sword from his back he would leap to the air with ease and with his full body weight the sword would pierce his back and out his chest finally piercing the ground an inch from where Scarlet laid on her back, the bandit fell to the ground almost instantly as the sword was pulled out of him. Akashi position himself between Scarlet and the bandits to protect his love one. The bandits quickly gathered to take out the knight who stood between there fun and themselves. One…two…three bandits fell before Akashi sword, Akashi promising Scarlet he would protect her, Scarlet began to feel at ease... almost safe. She watched as Akashi defended her and moved around the bandits with fervor and grace, but just when Scarlet thought it was over, an arrow was shot from behind her, Striking Akashi behind the knee immediately kneeling him to the ground. Akashi knowing his situation turned his head to Scarlet and left her with 4 final words, “Be strong…I lov……” before Akashi could finish he was slain in front of her. Scarlet's world was shattered in one night, she was shocked, scared, and paralyze with fear. Soon after they finished Akashi the remaining bandits turn there gaze at Scarlet, seeing her as to much trouble they used her, played her, and force themselves on her... When they were done, they left her for dead with a stab wound on her abdomen and made away with everything they could.


With the last of her strength, Scarlet dragged herself over to Akashi where she would lay her head on chest, waiting for her life to end. One…two…twenty hours passed, it is uncertain how much time passed for her. A passing Free company investigating a sudden anomaly happen to cross the tragic scene. A member of the Free company clad in black armor approach the site. Scarlet came thru from her state of unconsciousness as the sound of approaching foot steps crackled in the snow . Scarlet could not make clear images with her eyes. Everything was a blur. She could only make out the crimson snow all around her, she then noticed the blurred image of a man clad in black approaching. With barely any strength and convinced it was the bandits she grabbed Akashi’s claymore and sprinted towards the warrior as the sword slid in the ground, but collapsed right at his feet.


Scarlet fell in a coma for 6-7 months, while her mind and body recovered in the presence of strangers, the calamity was set in motion. Behind the safe walls of this company, she dreamt about events passed. And as the curtain closed on Scarlet old life, the moon finally fell... (to be continued.)


(Please send your thoughts in message or reply. would love to know what I can do different and learn from the community.)

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A True Master


Scarlet recovered in a state of coma for seven moons. While she slept peacefully, Scarlet was unaware of the events unfolding around her. The Calamity was triggered, ending an era and starting a new one. This was maybe a sign of change for her.


On the night Dalamud reached its critical point, Bahamut was released from its prison. Scarlet, not aware due to her state, is unable to witness the destruction caused by Bahamut. The end of an era was hastily approaching, but before the destruction reached its climax, many who participated in the battle at Cartaneu Flats were teleported into a unknown void. That same night, a bright light engulfed the room where Scarlet recovered, when someone noticed and investigated the light, it was too late, Scarlet had disappeared…


Between five years passed, Scarlet awoke sitting in a traveling cart being pulled by a chocobo and a strange man speaking to her… Scarlet barely remembered anything of her past. Scarlet had no memories to go on who she was. just bit and pieces. She remembered a Man clad in black armor giving her a name. This man said, “Lilium… no it is to kind… Snow, that has a ring… I got it, when I found you, you were only a shadow of who you were. Broken, defeated, and humiliated you still stood up to protect the one you loved, You attacked me with a fire in your eyes… your name shall be Scarlet… Scarlet Snow… wear your name with pride.” her memory being fuzzy at times, mixed other memories together, she then remembered seeing a man whispering to her, “Be strong…” as the voice quickly faded away.


Upon reaching the beautiful city of Gridania, Scarlet decided it would be the perfect place for her to start anew. Scarlet first step was to find somewhere to stay and a steady source of income. While out and about, exploring the city, she met a particular individual who would become her first Mentor. Scarlet, while looking at a shop she had picked up a spear. While gently thrusting the spear, a man with the name Ywain introduced himself, he complimented Scarlet form and asked her if she was trained in the art of the lancer. Unsure herself she denied having training. Ywain smiled,offered her the chance to be trained as one, but Scarlet refused the first time. Scarlet was worried that soon she would not be able to maintain herself. Scarlet explained to Ywain her situation and he went on to explain that not only she would be training, she would also have a lodge within Gridania and income from small missions at first. Scarlet decided to train under Guild master Ywain.


A year passed, and Scarlet earned a new life, with a new goal, living her life onward as a lancer, she became well-known in Gridania as a gentle woman and a skilled lancer. She would often help the children in need by taking food and other items, but while out on missions she would be a good asset to the team. On the 13th sun of the 2nd umbral moon, while out on a patrol she had to take on her own, Scarlet came upon a caravan that had been turned over by a wandering malboro, as she scan the area she noticed the sanctum of the twelve would have been its destination, but upon approaching closer to the caravan. Scarlet rushed to the sounds and cries of a child on the other side of the turned wagon. Scarlet immediately unsheathed her spear as the scene was revealed. The scene was terrifying, as the malboro reached out to the child, pulling the child with its vines towards its maw. Scarlet, quickly used her spear to strike the vine making the Malboro release the child. The child terrified of the beast tried to hide in the turned cart, but the Malboro now infuriated used its vines to turn the cart while another of its vines quickly approached Scarlet. Scarlet evaded with a quick spin to her right. The malboro's attempted impaling Scarlet once more, Scarlet again evaded by side stepping to her left and then using her spear to push it to the side as the vine grinded against the shaft of the spear, but from behind came another vine which slammed against Scarlet’s back. The force of the blow pushed scarlet towards the caravan where she collided and fell to the ground. Scarlet attempted to stand with both her hands, but quickly noticed as the pain set in, her right arm had been broken. Now unable to wield her spear correctly in her left arm, the Malboro over powered her easily. Scarlet looked around as the adrenaline in her slowed down everything, she knew her time was coming to an end, The malboro went in for its final strike to claim its meal. All Scarlet could do was turn around and wrap her hands around the wagon rail, where the child was hiding. Scarlet was trying to act as shield for the child, knowing the strike was coming she yelled to the child to run away. Just as the attack reached its target, she heard a loud crashing impact. Still alive, she slowly turned her head, what Scarlet witnessed then would be the key in which turned Scarlet’s life into the path she travels now. Scarlet witnessed a man clad in armor standing steady against the beast, using a shield and a sword he would parry with his shield and quickly strike with his sword. Scarlet was able to feel this man’s presence, even as she would look away to comfort the child. This man’s presence almost suffocating to her, only kept getting stronger, when she looked back again to the man, Scarlet could notice an aura emanating from the man’s body, it then traveled to his sword as he leaped into the air aiming to land on top of the malboro. The man landed on the Malboro and immediately his sword was made to pierce into the beast, and as the beast burst from the inside with holy light and the beast fell immediately. Scarlet was left awe as she gazed at the man who had saved her. The man slowly approached her with few words and introduced himself, the man said, “My name is Rafael Cota, are you injured.”


Scarlet barely said a word, but nodded at the man in front of her. Scarlet then replied, “The child, look after him first.” Rafael Cota for a moment seemed to be gauging her, then proceeded to help the child. Scarlet could not stop her gaze, but just as the man was intriguing to her, so was the aether she could see, smell and hear. Scarlet thought to herself what was it, but it was all to familiar at the same time. This was the first time Scarlet had noticed something different with herself...

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Eyes of the void


Scarlet slept for days, but dreams of her past would prowl in every corner of her subconscious. Scarlet dreamt of her father, a mother she had never met, and Akashi. She slept for days while her body walked around on its own. While Scarlet slept, someone else was in control. Scarlet slept and she would hear faded voices echoing where she stood. "You... are...mine..." The voice softly echoed. Scarlet looked around wearing a worried looked on her features, she searched for the voice in a place where darkness embraced all, only her own steps would light as they began touching the ground where she stood. "You are...dying..." The voice dragged in a faded tone! Scarlet could not help it anymore she began running, running unknowingly where her steps would take her. Scarlet ran for what seemed like an eternity until she would collide with a man clad in black. Scarlet, now on all four she would begin to shift herself up and sit, but as she caught a glimpse of the man in front, the familiar features would make her eyes well up in tears. Scarlet quickly stood up and in a pouncing motion, she would embrace the man in her dream, "Akashi!" she would say out loud with tears of joy! "Akashi, I knew you would come save me!" Scarlet tighten her arms around the black figure, "I knew you would... save... me!" Scarlet began feeling odd, but her happiness would allow her to ignore such feeling. Scarlet would close her eyes and then slowly leaned in to kiss the dark figure. She kissed what she thought was her love. The kiss would allow her to wake up and as her eyes slowly open, the brightness of a machine would slightly bother her eye, but what surprised her even more was the man she would be embracing. Scarlet would still embrace the man as Akashi... to her it was her Akashi... The tall elezen would break the kiss she had unknowingly begun with Robert Colt.


Little did Scarlet know that the black figure was a void sent mimicking her lost love. This void sent who wanted more then just a next meal. A void sent who had lived too long in the dark, and one who was tamed by someone who yet we knew anything about, and her name was...Lilith. For the next three moons Scarlet would have nightmares and small fragments of her demise, she would also loose control of her body and would walk around unknowingly, while to others she seemed different, as if a whole different person. Just when Scarlet would seem to snap of her trance the memory of the black figure taking the image of Akashi (Lilith) would reel her back in.


The next few months, when Scarlet seemed to be back in her sane mind, Scarlet began developing strange abilities. One night while asleep a strange creature appeared before her, a small eye with wings floating around her room, but it attempted no harm on Scarlet instead it landed on her lap and would cuddle as if a playful baby couerl. With time Lilith learned how to summon the same creature over and over unknowing to her that this void sent had chosen her as her master. Scarlet once open what seemed like a small rift in the veil as she learn to summon her new companion. At this time Scarlet had taken residence with the company named The New Conglomerate, a small but family driven company who did odd jobs Hunting, delivering items, escorts, and security to any individual who requested their service. She had taken a liking to a newly met friend named Markus Krosse.


One day while training with Master Cota Scarlet martial progress had improved way above Cota's expected margin. Scarlet was able to fend all of her Masters attacks. Eventually it almost seemed as if they were equals, but her cunning master had already perceived the changes happening within Scarlet. One night while taking a break from training Scarlet approached Markus Krosse assuming him a friend, revealed her odd abilities, it was a grave mistake. This man had an odd ability embedded in his aether and it aroused Lilith attention, that night Lilith took over Scarlet body. Lilith communicated with the man about the odd scent that caught her attention. Tension between these two individuals soared to new heights and eventually they would meet in the outskirts of the city, lower Las noscea. In the end a great battle broke between them and Lilith's void sent abilities manifested completely. Clash after clash of there weapons made them weary of each other, but the more Lilith felt the freedom she had newly acquired she took more and more control of Scarlet mind and body.


When the fight changed from simple fun to a fight to the death, Lilith threatened to drain his aether. At this point members of the New Conglomerate arrived to assist Markus Krosse even then Lilith fought them all evenly, until Scarlet sensed the events happening in around her. "Akashi what are you doing... why are you making me do this!" said scarlet trapped inside her own mind embraced in Akashi (Lilith) arms. Scarlet began reawakening as Lilith lost control of the body, only to notice how her comrades were attacking her. Scarlet defended herself from the attacks, until she was wounded. Robert Colt noticed a change in Scarlet and in her composure. He withdrew his own attacks from finishing her, he quickly noticed Scarlet was herself, but not for long. Scarlet wounds began to slowly heal and her eyes began to show a dim red glow. Scarlet did not know what was going on, she felt devastated, believing she was being betrayed by the very people she thought were friends. A voice began to echo in Scarlet's mind as she now lay wounded on the ground. "I will never let them hurt you..." A whispering echo bounced in her mind, "I have come to like you... I know now why Akashi wanted me to save you!" The dark figure in her mind soon turned to a tall Elezen with the very same features as Scarlet. Memories of her past came back to her mind the night it all started, the bandits, her father, Akashi, and Lilith. Scarlet curled up in a ball as she felt helpless remembering how she was used, toyed with, ridiculed, and how the cold kiss of a blade began ending her life. Lilith extended her hand towards Scarlet with an odd warm smile perhaps her very first one ever, "Scarlet, I will never let them hurt you again. Give me your hand and you will never know pain, only the warm embrace of me and the void..." Scarlet had curled up into ball scared and helpless as she repeatedly watched her final moments. Scarlet felt warmness from this void sent. She extended her own hand to reach towards Lilith, unknowing what it would bring. Back in the real world Scarlet started resonating. Robert Colt decided to abandon Lilith in her spot and to her fate, it was the only thing he could do to guarantee safety for his comrades, "I will come back I promise" said Robert Colt wearing a defeated look on his features, not from loosing a fight, but from leaving a comrade. Scarlet was now out of reach, his words never reached her, perhaps there was never a Scarlet, the images all pointed to a truth...

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