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The Gin Mill <<GM-RPl>>

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There's the Grindstone and there's Nef's Fight Club. But what about those that just aren't that keen to follow the rules? Or those that want to let off a little steam without so many restrictions? The Gin Mill is the place for you!


Held bi-monthly, brawl pub fighting will be scheduled, those interested would be able to find out about the fights through word of mouth, either directly from Relavel, the "grapevine" or eavesdropping on some NPC's or something. If you'd like some ideas or to be approached by Relavel, please let me know. Fights will for now, recognize basic /random mechanics till such time that we are able to have more people present to help mediate.


This is a place to unleash, start antagonistic storylines with other fighters, with loan sharks (future device) and possibly with the authorities! (See below for details if you play a guard/ are in a guard company and are curious about this aspect).


As time goes on, I have plans to expand the focus of The Gin Mill, but for now the focus will start small, ICly focusing on getting a few people together for some good old fashioned beat downs.


Fights will be held in the basement of Mist Ward 12 plot 34! More details on the fights can be found HERE.



I look forward to joining the other amazing fighting events on the server and to meet all you wonderful people! For more information you can message me here, on tumblr HERE.


Ideas and suggestions taken and appreciated. Fight on!

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The Gin Mill is accepting applications!



What we’re in need of!

In-House Fighters: These are men and women within The Gin Mill that take part in the fighting events; both public and FC specific. Anyone ranging from amateur to pro and everywhere in between!


Ring Masters: The eyes on the fight, keeping it clean (mostly…) and watching for cheaters!


Announcers: These individuals, usually only one or two per event are needed, announce the fighters and the winners!



There will be other positions open in the future, for now, these are the positions that are presently relevant with our current structure. Feel free to inquire for more information or for an invite!


Fight Night events are a good avenue for those met ups and the ‘interview” consists of an IC understanding of interest and then you’re on a trial period, simple as that.


No hard feelings if you leave at any time, if it works for you then good. If not, then we wish you the best of luck. All questions can be directed HERE, by PM or HERE.

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Still open and bringing in new fighters!


Don't know how to RP fight? We'll train you!


Don't know how to /random fight? We'll train you!


Don't know how to cook? You might be on your own with that one...


Check out our simple, but still handy, site HERE though it's still being added to.


We also now have a LS for those interested in keeping connected but not interested in joining the FC.


For more frequent updates, follow us on Tumblr!

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