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The Crystal Braves - Phoenix EU - Story Linkshell + RP Community

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TL;DR: A bunch of cast-out former members of 'The Crystal Braves', the military arm of The Scions of the Seventh Dawn. We aim to create a linkshell for all RP'ers on the Phoenix EU server within the Chaos Datacenter. The linkshell is open for every player who has even a remote interest in RPing and/or the lore of FFXIV.


Spoiler free description if you haven't completed the story of 2.0 to 2.55: The Crystal Braves are 'betrayed' and are no longer the group they used to be. Being angered at this sudden turn of events and being framed for involvement in murder, letters are send out to all corners of Eorzea with the following message.



"If thou' seeketh the Light, travel to island's west, to the city that once stood solid. Follow the stream of life."


During the ending of 'A Realm Reborn', Nanamo Ul Name is poisoned by her handmaiden who in turn is involved with Teledji Adeledji. Although Alphinaud created The Crystal Braves, he had to turn to various powers within Eorzea to fund it's weapons and equipment. In secret, it turns out that The Crystal Braves are funded by Teledji. During the banquet celebrating the defense of Ishgard, Teledji unleashes 'his' Crystal Braves and Nanamo's handmaiden to poison the Sultana and frames the Scions with murder for Nanamo's death.


At this point in the story, it is clear that The Crystal Braves actually just care for money above actually saving Eorzea. Although never portrayed in the game, it's quite obvious that some members of The Crystal Braves would have felt angered at this sudden turn of events. With the game's story leaving the fate of this group in the unknown, I though it would be nice to 'expand' the story and to create a small RP group that, although on it's own, still act out of faith for the 'Warrior of Light' aka, the game's main protagonist.



Out of Character Introduction

Hello everyone and welcome to this linkshell's little topic!


Ever since we seriously started getting into Final Fantasy XIV, we've had the itch to start RPing some fresh and creating a little RP community. This proved to be a challenge as we are primarily players that play on the EU Datacenter, Phoenix to be precise. We did try playing on Balmung, the NA Roleplay 'heaven', but we found it to be barren during my regular playing hours, especially since the Chaos Datacenter actually moved to Europe. Thus..we thought: Well, let's give it a shot on Phoenix!


Finally, Phoenix EU is one of two servers in the Chaos EU Datacenter that still allows free character creation. As such, it's a simple choice!


Who could join this linkshell?

This linkshell is created for any player who wants to join a small RP community on the Phoenix EU server. We also intend to welcome people who might not be full-time RP'ers but are interested in the prospect and are mature. Furthermore, we also like to just play the game so you're also free to just poke for help with a Dungeon!


We also create various events that can be seen as an extension of the main story, detailing what 'could have happened' with characters who were actually Crystal Braves. As such, following the Linkshell story could be beneficial to know what's going on. However, if you just want to RP a random character in our linkshell, we're not going to turn you away.


TL;DR: Everyone with a remote interest in RPing and the lore is welcome!


Who do I contact?

You may contact the following people. As time progresses, this list will be expanded.

- Yui Shiori

- Raia Varin

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We're up to four people now. Woop! Unfortunately I had the worst flu ever the last couple of days which meant I couldn't be on at all, but I'll try to regain some lost momentum the next couple of days.

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We're actually becoming a real thing now with 7 people in our roster currently! To also better manage the interest, apart from contacting me, you may also contact 'Raia Varin' or 'Yui Shiori' for an invite.

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Hello fellow RPers, I am a new player in the game and I chose that server. Besides playing FFXIV namely doing quests, levelling, etc. I also prefer RPing, it would be nice if we will meet in the game, I want to know other people who prefer RPing :)

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