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Returning playing, wanting to make connections.

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Hello everyone, I've been back since a couple of days in FFXIV and I'm actually really liking the game once again and I am hoping to find some friends and interesting relationship and plots for my main caracther Farrell Feidliming. L


Farrell is a Wildwood who stayed far away from the civilization for quite some time. He tried to bound with civilization a couple of time and find a lack of success. Right now, he's back at trying, working for a small bunch of mercenary. But he wishes to find some partners to create bounds, friendship and maybe find love if possible.


Farrell is  "feral", well he was raised by Coeurl, a long time ago. He did became better with people and even started to talk more properly until he went and look for someone. He got lost and met a couple of ennemies who has beaten both physically and mentally and he decided to retreat to his cave once again. Recently a couple of adventurers were passing near his cave and asked him for some help and he agreed. 


A lot of plots can be started from his backstory, he's quite original, but a bit difficult of approach and it might take time. Anyway, either contact me here, in game or on skype :AlexTheTall to start and build a plot and appoint a meeting!


Hopefully I'll get someone!

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