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Keepers from the Orn Wilds and my Miqo'te

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Afternoon Hydaelyn Roleplayers! So this is my first time rping, especially in an MMO. I always wrote personal stories for my characters in WoW, but I never rped them with other players. I'm trying to make my Miqo'te interesting without her becoming the dreaded "Mary Sue." So far I have two backgrounds but I'm torn between them. She has the Echo in both, but she won't use it unless prompted by other players. I know having it is hit or miss, so that's something she keeps to herself for now.


I'm drawn more to the Keeper background because, culturally, they're closer to the Mithra. I played a Mithra as a kid years ago, so the nostalgia factor is leaning me towards the Keepers. Because I want her to explore Keeper culture and maintain the "outsider" status, I decided she'd come from the Orn Wilds. I found a page with a lot of Keeper lore stating that a few Keeper families settled there. So, to gauge her life there, I need to confirm some things. I read that Orn is a primeval forest between the Dravanian forelands and Sharlayan and that goblins and adventurers set up Idyllshire on the outskirts of the Sharlyan ruins. I imagine her clan trades with Idyllshire and she's encountered travellers on a somewhat regular basis. She learned from them about the Calamity and the Battle of Carteneau. Around this time, shortly after the Calamity, she manifest the Echo. She doesn't know what these strange feelings and voices are, but hearsay from travellers about the Black Shroud and Hearers catches her attention. One aspect that hasn't been touched on, in regards to Keeper religion, is their relationship with Dalamud. The lesser moon was nicknamed "Menphina's Hound," it was a servant of sorts for her (I think). The information she learns combined with the strange feelings/voices unsettles her, and prompts her to seek answers. She leaves for the Shroud with what she's learned of it (it sounds like a spiritual place, somewhere she could get answers) and becomes involved with the goings on in Gridania. It would be interesting to see how she contrasts with a Keeper from the Shroud. She wasn't directly hit by the Calamity, nor does she suffer the tumultuous history between the Gridianians and Keepers.


Reworking the Seeker idea for right now.


So what do you guys think so far? Which one should I work with, or are both of them, I guess, Mary Su-ish? I have no intention of making her the "hero" of everyone's stories or anything. I'm keeping the snowflake

WoL stuff in the MSQ only.

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I wouldn't say Mary Sueish since she's not going to be the Warrior of Light in the rp sense, the Keeper background sounds pretty interesting though, I'd definitely look into it, and we got a lot of people who know their Lore that can help you out or get you to the right direction

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