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[align=center]Hey everyone! I know I am really new to the forums and what not but I am really enjoying the game.... when my computer allows it. Recently my graphics card has been on the fritz and continuously crashing my system to where sometimes I cannot even log in. So I am looking to remedy that by opening commissions, seeing whose interested and getting the funds for a new graphics card! Another thing is my current car is in need of maintenance and that alone will cost maybe about two hundred and fifty dollars. Unsure just yet due to not having an exact quote. But anyways, enough sob story. On to the info you probably want to know.[/align]



Commission info In spoiler tag

Sketch Commissions



What I’m offering?


- I have a few extra hours within the day to do some art, I have a very busy life because of school and work, but surprises happen and this is where my commissions come in. Please note these are SKETCH commissions, or what I consider sketches. Lineart work and colored work might be a possibility in the future. Unless its a colored sketch. Which I do often.


I am offering, headshot, and half-body (for now) sketches, I do charge per-character. I will have a list on who gets to go first and who does not.


A small note, I do traditional work as well. Everything can be found on my facebook fan page, and my tumblr.






- Black and white Sketches: Minimum is $5. Tips are apperciated.



-Colored Sketches: If  and when I do these you’re looking around 10-15$ (additional character +5$)


As I stated in what I am offering, I am only taking sketches for the time being. This does include colored sketches, additional characters are +5$.




My ToS/How to get a commission from me!

I will not be accepting any sort of commissions of a character without a picture reference. please provide a photo reference that is available. Screenshots, other art-work pieces are okay. As long as I have a base to work from. I cannot conjure a magical picture out of thin air. It’s time consuming.


What I will draw: WoW*, FF14* Original Chracters, men, icons


What I will not draw: Porn (SORRY but I cannot draw porn for the life of me) Anime fanart pairings


*Please note that with WoW I am very sketch on drawing anything besides elves and humans, I will attempt to sketch anything else; but please note it wont be PERFECT!


*Please note with FF14, it is my first real time sketching anything that is actually in this world so bare with me :) thanks.



I reserve the right to ask for more if it is complicated. (especially the armor)

I reserve the right to cancel a commission and issue you a full refund (price + tip if any) if I do not think I can complete your commission in a timely manner, or other complications arise.

-Addendum: If you want to cancel and I have already started on a commission, I will offer you a partial refund ((full price - tip)/2), which is roughly the half of the price minus the tip.

I reserve the right to decline a commission if it is not something I am willing to draw.




Please PM me with:

-Details of who you want drawn

-Picture Reference of the character or characters (this is a must please, other artwork or screenshot is fine)

-Any additional information


Once all of this is done, I will provide an email to you to send payments to, I accept pay-pal only. (My paypal email is different then my actual art email please be aware of this)


Also please let me know if I can post what I draw! I would love to add them to my gallery.


Ways to Contact:

PM me here

Send and email to kiwidoodlesanddraws@gmail.com










Examples of my work







Any other info you need please ask! <3 This is my first time doing commission work and I'm looking forward in doing my best.

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