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Frithgilt [Brynhildr]


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In response to the oft-present peril through the occurrence of disaster and the resulting threat of attack, sabotage, or other hostile action by the Garlean Empire, Beast Tribes, Horde of Nidhogg, and 'notably dangerous monsters', it is the express will of the free adventurers of Frithgilt to provide necessary protection, relief, and assistance for citizens and property of the Eorzean mainland and Vylbrand. In the event such disaster shall occur or become imminent so as to require such protection, relief, and assistance, we voluntarily set forth to provide such aid in cooperation with one another.

Frithgilt is a roleplaying Linkshell which seeks to capitalize on the independent nature and unique talents of adventurers to provide an additional measure of protection to the people of Eorzea. It exists primarily to give an in-character vehicle for activities such as FATEs, The Hunt, and Levequests, but can also be extended to gathering, supply and provision, and exploratory missions. Though it is founded upon an ancient Highlander tradition, it is not restricted in any way by race or creed.


No formal memberships or oaths are imposed, and no particular allegiance in required or expected. An adventurer's interest in the general welfare is all that may be asked, and the aid provided does not necessarily need to take one form over another.


Recruiters' information will be posted in the near future. Please feel free to reply here to arrange an in-game meetup.


[align=center]Brynhildr artwork by FLOWERZZXU [/align]

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After much server hopping and searching , i have not found much roleplay as of late, i was wondering if this roleplay community for the server is still going? I am seeking out English roleplay and most of it seems to be on Baelmung which is full and not recruiting new characters.

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I've met a small and dedicated core of roleplayers on Bryn since rolling there, and they seemed amenable to including newcomers in the group linkshells.


Unfortunately, a serious illness in the family has kept me away from the game for several weeks, so I haven't been able to expand Frithgilt in-game.


Feel free to PM me if you have a character on Bryn and I can point you to some folks who RP regularly.

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