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Welcome to the RPC!

RP is most common in-game, but there are other places where you can RP. Some use skype, and RPC (Town Square (IC), Private Messages).


If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask.

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RP is done everywhere. From my experience, it's done in /say, /party, and in linkshell chat most of all. A lot of people will do a combined FC/LS thing and have FC ooc and LS ic. I think that's what you're asking...? If you're wondering because you don't pass RP conversations very often out in the open, it's because player housing has now dominated the RP scene. Some of us still choose to do the most of our RP out in the world, but it's becoming a rarity, or a special-event-only type of thing for a lot of people, though it'd be unfair to say no one does it. The Quicksand is still very active, and The Grindstone on Saturday nights always draws a big crowd.


So, I guess the answer you're looking for is "No. All RP is not done in-game through LSes, though some is."


I hope this response helped. Wasn't exactly sure what you were asking for.

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Thank you for the responses, in retrospect I don't know why I specified LSes, I even wandered into a house on levi where people were RPing in /sayXD So I suppose the question was just if it's only done in-game, which was answered, so thanks again and sorry for the bad choice of wordingXD

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