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The purpose of this section of the wiki I am going to build for my character's family is to give BRIEF insight into their past. Though other sections I am going to go in depth. But for those that don't like so much info I just want to give a synopsis of their backgrounds starting with Nanduaux(Not Finished):


Nandaux Mercier is a most curious figure for a Keeper of theMoon, not even counting his Elezen name. But what makes this unusual figure different than most?


  For reasons unknownto all save a few Nandaux left the confines of the shroud in order to head for Ul’Dah. Ul’dah with all its splendor…why would a forestborn head there? Glory…blood…sand that became his life as he joined the ranks of the Gladiators of Ul’Dah honing his skills of blade and sword. It was during this time that Nandaux took his name. Preferring an Elezen name in the arena for reasons that remained his own he quickly won battle after battle giving the Mob of Ul’dah what it thirsted for…blood on the sands of its homeland. But as is the ways…everything bought with pride and naivety always has a steep cost. What is publicly known is that he ran afoul with some noble lady and was run out of Ul’dah for it.

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