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New transfer looking for more casual RP

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I transferred an alt in to play with PVP friends, and as long as I'm here I'm interested in exploring the roleplay, too. Roleplaying was one of my favorite hobbies growing up, but I guess I just fell out of touch.


To start with, I'm searching for Linkshells that could help me get my feet wet again and show me how this all works in an MMO. Because I work, study, and manage an LS/Discord for my home server, I'm looking for someplace where it's easy to occasionally drop in for a couple hours and then log off without too much commitment.


If anyone knows of FCs that have no voice chat, I'd be interested in those, too. When I'm online I'm almost always listening to music or talking to my own friends, and when voice chat is present in an FC there's too much pressure to join in, sadly.

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