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Wallscroll Project


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I've been mulling over doing a wallscroll for Final Fantasy XIV, using my own skills to create a poster that will be printed onto a 32" x 48" wallscroll. This wallscroll will be a limited print run, restricted by however much my budget is at the time of printing.


I would like to ask all of you for help in collecting the art reference sources that I will need to make this a reality. Here is the current layout sketch. This is subject to change, as I may want to improve on the layout itself.





As you can see, there are certain characters planned to be in the poster. They are:


  • Gaius Van Baelsar
  • The Circle of Knowing (sans Louisoix)
  • The Leaders of the Grand Companies
  • Cid Nan Garlond
  • The Enemies you encounter in the Main Scenario Quests.
  • The Crystal Tower
  • A group of adventurers in the lower margin foreground.


If you're wondering what the "FR" stands for, it means Feral Ren, but I've decided to omit her from that portion of the poster and replace her with a character voted by the RPC to represent the adventurers. (This will be done in a separate poll thread, most likely.)


The group of adventurers in the lower margin foreground, will probably be RPC characters. This will be one of the last items of the poster that I will do.


I would appreciate it if everyone were to post links to concept art, character references, 3D screencaps of the aforementioned characters, etc, so that I may compile a resource folder for this project.


Thank you for your interest. :)


Update: Currently exploring different layout ideas right now. Will post them as I complete the sketches.





I am open to suggestions on the layout, as well!


First update:




Second Update:



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Completed the general inks of Gaius Van Baelsar. Will do further detailing later (gold trim, specifically).


Did up five poses for Merlwyb, the leader of the Maelstrom. I'd like to get your feedback. I'm trying to decide on one that would go well with the layout mentioned in the original post. Please let me know which one you think will work best.




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