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mercury's in retrograde

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Need To Know ::

  • Mercury Sanguinaire
  • Duskwight, male, ~25, aromantic / asexual / polyamorous
  • Professionally-trained dancer, self-taught swordsman
  • Originally from Ishgard, now a wanderer. Frequents Ul'dah most often, then Limsa Lominsa, with Gridania being a rare stop

Basic Plot Hooks ::


  • Mercury has and on occasion still works as a companion, serving women, men, and all others. Anyone who was lonely and needed a date, or had promised to bring a date to a social event and couldn't find one, or just wanted to pay for a quick nightcap rather than woo someone into their bed, Mercury was happy to help for a pretty fee (and it didn't hurt when his clients chose to pamper him, either). Characters could have previously hired him, known someone who hired him and chatted him up, or otherwise know him through this channel. [Note this is not invitation for ERP, as I'm not interested in that at all -- it's just Mercury's work.]
  • Oh, how the nightlife thrives! Of Mercury's friendly acquaintances, a majority of them have been made because he got a tad drunk and showed just how professional his dancing was, perhaps on a tabletop in the middle of a bar, or any surface that looked similarly capable of holding his weight. A tipsy Mercury is a charmingly unguarded, cheerfully energetic Mercury, ripe for friend-making.
  • Though he is quite fond of his own style of swordsmanship, Mercury does seek to improve himself, and he figures none would be able to help him so much as a swordsman. He's never had formal training in swordplay, much as he's figured out on his own, so if he were to come across a particularly skilled swordsman he would gladly approach them for assistance or a spar (that Mercury would be very likely to lose).

Specific Character Plots ::


  • The Scorned Sibling
    - Half-Wildwood (optional), any gender, half-sibling to Mercury.
    - Will most likely have to be an NPC due to the specifics of the character.
    To TL;DR Mercury's history, he gave his father a well-earned death. While Mercury lived with their father full-time, the sibling only just visited, and was considerably more fond of the man. Though they have no evidence or reason to suspect that Mercury was directly responsible for their father's death, they resent him for it all the same, blame him for surviving the fire instead of their father, etc.
    They may end up suspecting Mercury's guilt and acting on these suspicions later on.
  • The Childhood Friend
    - Grew up in Ishgard, or at least visited frequently as a child. Male, any race, childhood friend to Mercury.
    - A currently-created character could easily fit into this role, if anyone were interested.
    As children he and Mercury were quite close, which also meant he saw more of Mercury's father than the scorned sibling ever did. Then one day, he came to see Mercury and was told the boy had returned to Gridania (he hadn't). Mercury was told his friend had died (he also hadn't). Shortly after, the friend left Ishgard, and they haven't seen each other since -- but now that Mercury is out on his own, a reuniting may be in order.
    His friend may have heard of the fire himself, or it would come up in natural conversation as they caught up with each other. Either way, he knew Mercury's father, and more importantly, he knows Mercury, and can read him like a book. Whether by deduction or instinct alone, he can figure out that Mercury isn't innocent. What he chooses to do with this remains to be seen.

For any of these, character-specific or just general hooks, I would love to discuss a preformed relationship or just start fresh with one of these to go on. With luck, I (and Mercury) will be transferring to Balmung within a day or two to get started, but until then you can contact me via this thread or PM!

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