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Ripeikh'a Darastrix - New Alt, Making Backstory!

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First I will be keeping this profile updated! 




My goal is to create a character that has a strong mentor. My preference would be towards having a very Lore-abiding character, so I would like someone who is ICly capable of training the character. 


Ideally I would like for his early life to take him to learning in how to be a Dragoon, but I am not sure if this is workable. If there are any Ishgardians or Nobles that would take in a stray that seemed adept with a spear, I would definitely welcome creating this connection in their life. 


Other alternatives are serving under other people around the three major city-states. Ul'dah is least-preferred.


Basically right now the character is 'Very open' towards having this backstory shaped, and if you have a need to have a slot filled by a strong Keeper/Seeker Hybrid who will stick with mostly Axes and Spears, I would love for you to leave a message here!


Any questions can be done in PM!

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Hello there, Caex!  I have only recently started getting into Final Fantasy XIV, so I am no master of the lore, but I am certainly looking for connections.  If you would be interested in your character starting his journey in Gridania, my character may be able to begin his training in the art of the spear, though you would need to find another at a later date to transition into training by an official Dragoon if you are interested in your character having more specialized training.


My own character is a huntress from a small tribe of miqo'te who live in the deeper reaches of the Shroud, traditionally avoiding contact with the other races unless there is beneficial trade to be had.  Though she is trained in archery, the spear is her preferred weapon due to its versatility and there are none in her tribe that match her in her use of the weapon.


If you would be interested in talking further, you can contact me in-game or here on this thread.  My character name is the same as my profile here.


In addition, I would not be opposed to the idea of forum RP and if we mesh well and I feel comfortable sharing additional contact information with you, then I would also be willing to RP through Skype, Discord, or Trillian as well.

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I'm in the same boat as you with my alts. I have an au ri refugee that needs to interact with more people in order for her story to truly get rolling in my head. You can message me on naja_eloquie on Skype if you'd like to talk about character interaction. ^^ I have other characters as well.

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