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Nestled beneath the boughs of the Twelveswood, an aging estate fields hushed visitors with increasing regularity. The Black Vault once bore a more innocent name - the home of stargazers and students of destiny - but as seasons turn and paths diverge, the ageless wisdom accrued was hurriedly left behind.


In a fit of passion, the estate - and all that was so meticulously collected - was bequeathed unto a foreign soul, and so did it find new purpose. As the man set about his cause in the realm, he came to understand the true nature of what he had inherited and became a man possessed by its insufferable incompleteness; for those who walked before knew that to unravel the tapestry of fate, one must regard all threads.


[align=justify]In search of these frayed edges, the house became a home for things not meant for mortal eyes, and the men and women who would nonetheless gaze upon it in defiance.



Apocrypha. Heresy. Taboo. Sin.


It is called many things, but it is all the same: knowledge, arts, and items of power deemed too dangerous for use. Yet those who have joined with the Collective know that ignorance breeds atrophy, and one must fully know the disease before they can hope to excise it. For all the posturing of those in power, their laws have done naught to avert the catastrophe they claim is wrought by the very things they would silence.


The Eldritch Collective rises in cacophony, no longer content to linger in shadows. Together they seek to resume that which was lost to the annals of history, and curate within their Black Vault a sanctuary for all those who would find camaraderie in their transgressions.


Come, ye lost souls, and join your voice to our chorus. We will be silenced no longer.



About Us


The Eldritch Collective is a heavy roleplaying company built on themes of heresy and transgression. We are deeply grounded in the established lore of Final Fantasy XIV and seek to cultivate an experience that explores villainy without falling into the traps of outrageous character concepts such as voidsent. Our plot and themes often border along the dark and serious, and we prefer members who appreciate that (though a little comic relief never hurt anyone!).


If your character has an interest in delving into a forbidden art, be it magical or martial, or merely possesses grey enough morals to avert their gaze from some of the goings-on while serving as manor staff, we encourage you to read on, reach out, and apply!


We're also always eager to get involve in other players' and free companys' stories. If you'd like to collaborate with us, please reach out to an officer. Please be advised that in order to preserve the integrity of our roleplaying environment, we ask all collaborators to review and adhere to our

policies about certain roleplaying themes.


If you would like to get in touch with a member of our leadership directly, please contact 

Zalitai Dalamiq, Kataani Hawkeye, Leith'ir Eilam, I'mhati Tia, or Jebei Dotharl. Alternatively, we're always happy to receive visitors at our home in Lavender Beds Ward 7, Plot 28!


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