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Looking for guide, IC and OOC!

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Hello! I've just finished my transfer application to Balmung, and I'm relatively new to the game! As such I'm looking for a guide to the lovely world of Eorzea. But I mean in an OOC sense- where's the rp hubs at? What groups hold the best events? What other general information is good to know about the rp community? The game itself? Etc.

Not a full time guide of course! I don't want to be annoying! But it'd be great to have people ready to show me how stuff works so I can dive in as soon as I get to Balmung, because rp is great and this game seems to be really good for it with its housing, extensive emotes, etc!

Of course, it'd be great to meet other characters IC! While my main, a Keeper named Koh'te Galanai, is still in progress as I continue learning lore, he's definitely going to live/be a native of Limsa Lominsa. And probably be more on the thug/thief/lowlife side of adventurers. But not a bad person I swear! While IC interactions would most likely stem from this, perhaps an IC guide would be needed in Ul'dah or Gridania?

But anyway! Just looking for people to meet, thanks!!! I'm EST and on most nights.

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Hey there, buddy. I'm Garza and it's a pleasure to meet another new person. As for needing a guide, I think you'd fare well joining a friendly free company which is nice enough to show you the ropes and get you involved with roleplay. 


As for myself, you're always welcome to RP with me if you don't mind hunting monsters or anything related to them or helping hunters. I'm a limsan native myself, so if you see me around, feel free to give me a Maelstrom /gcsalute! Feel free to message me in game at any time.

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