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W'nako Khiki, the impoverished knight

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Hey all, I'm pretty new here, and I had already started writing my story before seeing this area... But I wanted to ask here anyways, since not everything is written on my character yet! The idea is basically this:


Using the class Dark Knight, but not actually being one ICly, my character is a former knight of Ishgard now wandering around Eorzia. The reasons for her no longer being part of a house isn't clear yet (I haven't gotten a good idea yet, as I still want her to think of Ishgard kindly). Would this character be a good idea, and if anyone has any input or character ideas, that'd be awesome to hear, as I really get nervous about my own ideas. Also, the two bits of lore I've already written for her I made a journal for in the Town Center, which are mainly about her childhood and how she became a knight, and I'm probably going to advance it until it reaches the time of her writing it, and then it would just be me RPing her and writing how she felt/what she thought during the RP!

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I'm no lore hound myself, so take my criticisms with a grain of salt.  With that forewarning disclosed, I don't see anything intrinsically wrong with the little bit that you have worked out, though I would advise that you consider the following points.


Miqo'te (assuming your character is one due to her name) are notably rare in Ishgard.  It is clearly stated that is far too cold for the vast majority of Seekers to feel comfortable there and it is too cloudy for the Keepers, who are then metaphorically cut off from the moon.  That is not to say that there would not be a small handful of Ishgardian miqo'te, but be mindful that her racial identity would have been the odd man out from her peers.


The second thing to consider is that only Elezen make up the Ishgardian houses.  Your character could be a knight of one of the houses, but would not be able to be a member of a House through blood lineage.


If these are points that you have already considered, then I don't see why the character could not work.

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Oh, I already know about how rare she'd be, and how she would've been viewed strangely while there. I also never planned on having her be part of the house blood-wise, I only ever meant as a servant/soldier of the house (Former, at least).

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