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Family: A story.

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Often times when one thinks of family, the feeling of comfort or familiarity accompanies the thought. As a member of the Campion lineage of Gladiators, Jaune had only
on his mind when brought to think of


Love. Struggle. Shame. The future.


These four ideas capture the life he led
Gridania, albeit in a vague and unspecified manner. As kind as he has been to the people of Gridania, he deserves
than such a shallow summary. Allow me to stretch those three words into a woven tale of what lies within a man so honest and giving, chapter by chapter, page by page.


{open to OOC response, closed to IC response. Storytelling takes place prior to Jaune settling into the role of Conjurer and Crafter. Each chapter will encompass a specific portion of Jaune's life, starting with love and ending with the future. }

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The calming embrace of a mother sweeter than strudel. The hearty laugh a father tougher than Gridanian timber. The varied characters within a numerous collection of siblings. Each aspect held a strong presence throughout Jaune's childhood. Everlasting impressions were made upon his heart, and much of who he has become he owes to the family he will always love.


Among sound laden streets, merciless markets, and the chaos of the Coliseum, peace was a scarce commodity to the young child. Aurelia, his mother, offered all the comfort which she could. Freshly cooked meals and softly spoken stories, such small acts seemed to calm the velocity of the world around young Jaune. Aurelia was his guardian angel, always beaming and laughing, and finding some way to brighten his day.


Every day it would seem that she had created a new sort of
for her stunning gold locks, and each time - adorably enough - Jaune would
for his mother to do the same with his own hair. Of course, being the loving mother she was, she would oblige with a hint of zeal.


The sincere care within her soul had most clearly been carried forward into Jaune's own. Even as a child, charity for his family was oft on his mind thanks to his mother's influence. Hand-picked gifts, thoughtful favors, and simply doing his best to appease the entirety of the Campion family. These sort of small, childish acts one day sprouted into the giving tree that he has become.


My the matron bless his mother's kind heart.

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