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★ Club Crescent Disco ★

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Who: You and your friends!

What: In-character Night Club & Dance hall with immersive music streaming @Crescent-play   [ The DJ booth/queue opens an 1.5 hours into the event so get your favorite dance songs queued up!]


When: Saturday, June 4th @9pm EST

Where: Goblet 4::42 [balmung]

Entrance Fee: 5,000 Gil 




F e a t u r i n g:  ( Complete Info here )


★Disco Theme!★ “Don’t be a jive turkey. Get your best threads on and walk yourself down to the hottest club in Thanalan! Big hair, bright suits, and the best beats!!”

VIP Treatment “Rather watch someone else do all the dancing from the comfort of your own private booth? Want drink service to come to you and make you feel super special like the precious, expensive peach you are? You sound like a VIP who might like to snag one of our VIP spots and special dancing hosts!” ( VIP Dancers provided by @gildedpony-ffxiv & @keepers-kiss )[ More info here! ]

Dance Roulette ”No one to dance with? Want to meet a new friend? Don’t fear! We can shove you at someone random who is also looking for a friend! Cmon take a chance! You might meet your new besty (or  arch rival, you just never know.)”


Fashion “Enter you character in this Disco-inspired fashion competition! Dig deep into the 70s and come up with unique outfits. The most original and standout combinations will win!“



((Crescent’s Club nights are meant to be a joyous monthly occasion and we certainly understand if this type of RP is not for you/your characters. We simply enjoy sharing music and getting to know our patrons but understand if high volume events cause some panic. You’re welcome to slip into any of our rooms marked with a ★ symbol , as those are free to RP in or to take a break from the dreaded chatlog scroll! Check out the star rooms here  ))


★ We’d adore your help in spreading the word, thank you!★

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